It is the green gras

It is the green grass Cheap Marlboro 100S Cigarettes, the peach and plum fragrance, and the year when the gardenia blooms, in the sunny spring, our hearts are drizzling. Because we are about to step out of the school gate of the elementary school and start a new life journey.spent six spring, summer, autumn and winter together in the embrace of our alma mater Newport Short Carton. These six 365 days are engraved with the footprints of our childhood. There are scenes of passionate collisions between teachers and students in the classroom; happy laughter betweene rhetoric of the elementary school life still retains a string of moving love. It was a harvest season Cigarettes For Sale Cheap. The mid-term test was just over. Many students were harvesting the joy of the first place, but I took the third place and blamed myself with tears. The teacher not only did not criticize my performance, but encouraged me with warm words. The classmates also came to comfort me. At that moment, my heart was filled with a feeling, and friendship could never be measured by the score line. 6-year mental journey is played back in my mind. How much joy has been here to float; how much sweat has been swayed here; how many teachers�� hard words have been planted here. Those happy days; the teachings of those teachers; the friendships that never fade, let us look back at the same time.x years ago, we were full of hopes to start casting the first milestone in life. Six years later, ��lightly I left, just as I came gently. ��We shed tears and say goodbye to the campus Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online. When you think of it, you must bid farewell to the teachers and classmates; you must say goodbye to your alma mater; you must say goodbye to the grass and trees that have accompanied us for six years, and my heart will suddenly have a kind of embarrassment, a kind of disappointment.alma mater is a warm harbor. We are a small boat that she drove out of her arms. No matter which dock we parked, it flashed her navigation lights Lights Cigarette. The teacher is a song that has been forever, we are the notes that she flies, and no matter which song we import, it beats her notes. Years are silent, friendship is unlimited, classmates, let us leave memories, start with a dream
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