Someone once asked

Someone once asked me: "What is the example of your life?" I told him: "It's 'root' []Cheap Carton Of Newport Cigarettes[/url], it is an example in my life." He asked me again: "Why? Many people don't take it, Mao Zedong, Zhou Are the great figures of the Prime Minister and Chopin... as role models in their lives?�� I laughed and didn��t answer. After a while, I told him why., ordinary, suffers from the gaze of people. It has no bright flowers, no lush green trees. But it has its own, that unique style, the great spirit of obscurity. friend told me the feeling he had when he climbed Huangshan. In the process of climbing the Huangshan Mountain, I saw countless ��Huangshan Pines��. The higher the height, the more the feeling of ��Huangshan Song�� gave people. Everyone was bragging about the momentum of ��Huangshan Pine��, but the friends shook it. Shaking his head and watching the roots of everyone��s feet said to himself: ��The roots of Huangshan Pine are exhausted by the people, and the pine trees are even more stern. If there are no roots, tightly grasp these hard rocks []Newport Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. People can't see this majestic 'Huangshan Pine' anymore!" No one would have thought that the survival of a tree would be the "root" of obscurity and perseverance"root" is like a staff, people often admire the beauty of the music, and forget it, people forget, no staves, how to write this first beautiful music. This "root" is like a brush. People often forget it because of a beautiful painting []Newport Short Carton[/url]. People forget it. There is no oil brush, how to depict the landscape. ��root�� often moves toward its own goal, and when the seed enters the soil, it emits a bud. Slowly, the "root" also sticks out the "foot" from the seed. It is desperately grasping, and it can stabilize the seedlings, whether it is a stone, or... the "root" without people's praise grows wildly []Cigarettes Online Usa Only[/url]. For the stability of grass, flowers and trees, don't stop, don't give up..fe is actually very simple. As long as you live a wonderful life, don't always look forward to the aura of "honor" []Cheap Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url], put it on your head, but aim toward your goal, advance and advance in obscurity.


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