Finance > Insurance > Home InsuranceSeven Tips On Saving Energy in Your Home
Posted by nick_niesen in Finance on November 1st Scott Laughton Youth Jersey , 2010

The typical household spends $1,400 a year on energy bills Sean Couturier Youth Jersey , according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. By following simple energy saving tips and purchasing products that are Energy Star-qualified, a typical household can save up to 30 percent or more than $400 per year on utility expenses and accompanying pollution.

system. Seal air leaks in walls Travis Konecny Youth Jersey , ceilings, and around windows and doors, and add insulation to the attic or basement to improve the comfort and durability of your home.

* Planting a tree for shade can reduce cooling costs by up to 25 percent. For best results Ivan Provorov Youth Jersey , plant leafy shade trees to the south and west and evergreens to the north. Trees also help to reduce the greenhouse effect, not to mention beautify a front or back yard.

The less energy people use, the less energy power plants need to generate, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves the quality of our air. Energy efficiency helps the economy, too Jakub Voracek Youth Jersey , by saving homeowners up to 30 percent in energy costs each year.

Games > Game Genres > Gambling > Online GamblingDownload Iphone Game Or Play Online?

Posted by nick_niesen in Games on October 26th, 2010

As an Iphone owner, you may or may not know that as well as being able to use the safari browser to play online, or browser based games as they are known you can also download games for the Iphone. Check out these tips for downloading games onto your Iphone.

First of all, your little Iphone is packed with more computing power than you may possibly realise. While browser games may be cool Shayne Gostisbehere Youth Jersey , they can often be a little basic, so you will need to download things to get the real cream of the crop.

The second point is to make sure and have a good look around some of the download sites. There are quite a few of them around now, and you can find the variety between them quite staggering. Also, one of the coolest things is that if you find the right sites, the game downloads will be totally free Claude Giroux Youth Jersey , which is obviously great.

Something else to consider is that some download sites can be pretty dangerous to your computer, because of viruses etc. If you are familiar with file sharing sites or P2P sites or whatever you want to call them, you may well have experience of viruses etc. This is because sites like this most often don't have any guidelines or regulation by the site owners or webmaster, allowing users to upload whatever they like. It seems cool to have this freedom at first, but it means that many of the sites are riddled with viruses and spyware etc.

As a final tip Wayne Simmonds Youth Jersey , always look for reports or reviews from a previous customer it's very easy to make a site look all exciting and trustworthy on the internet, so looking out for someone else's experience with that particular site can be very helpful indeed it can save you money in the long run and can even help your computer stay protected from virus and other nasty things!

You'll find that with virtually all of the worthwhile Iphone download sites, you will need to pay some kind of fee before you get access to the downloads. This fee is usually what helps them provide the free downloads in the first place, as it helps them cover costs and administration etc. It's not such a bad thing either, because the small fee in question will most often cover you for life Nolan Patrick Youth Jersey , which obviously represents pretty good value.

You've now got at least a working knowledge of how to download games for your Iphone, so happy downloading and thanks for reading!


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