On the morning of

On the morning of the first weekend of the school filled with sunshine and laughter, my grandfather and I brought the fishing gear to Nandatun �C fishing rod! is my first real fishing! Therefore, it is very simple and easy to understand: the fish bait is directly put down, and the fish is biting, so it starts with confidence. However, the practice immediately draws an "X" for my naive idea., I arrived at my destination. On the face, the unspeakable freshness was sent, and the exhaustion of learning was taken away. Look----I don��t know how many trees are on the ��grass blanket�� that is tiled from high to low, and the sun takes advantage of the gap between the branches. Look at these green elves intimately: Hey! Dewdrop brother is helping them clean the bright and beautiful hair, and the water drops that have not dried up become a crystal clear crystal under the kiss of the sun, decorating their green hair, the wind sisters come and They played the game of the eagle catching the chickens. The sun saw the face of the "elf" red fluttering, and they heard their happy laughter. She smiled satisfied. Yes! I think the most happy thing for every mother in the world is to hear the laughter of the children.e is a small river at the edge of the grass. The floating grass on the river I think is the pavilion for the little fish to build for yourself? Suddenly Cigarette Wholesale Prices, a bunch of small blisters emerged over there, hehe! It��s a small fish, it��s a small fish! At this time, Grandpa is already preparing the props: I saw him first serve the fish, then put the fish on the hook, carefully put down the fishing line, and after a while, when it was lifted up, the hook was empty, so I announced The first test fishing failed Marlboro Lights Online. Then, the second time: Grandpa took the secret weapon----the heroes out, flattened it, put it on the hook, and slowly put down the fishing line, although I was curious about this step, but Did not ask carefully. Then, Grandpa took out my little fish, and used the same method to make the bait, and then handed it to me "seriously."er I got the fishing rod, I lifted the fishing rod and slammed it into the water. After a while, I chose the position and began to focus on that point. There was no fisherman near us, and the surroundings were very quiet. I only heard the sound of the wind blowing the leaves. I didn't even dare to go out of the air. Suddenly, the fish line shook a little Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online. I pulled it up and pulled it forward. I don��t think it��s a stealing of the chicken Marlboro Usa Price. The fish didn��t catch it but wrapped it in the line. On the branch, it took me and my grandfather to rescue it. However, that one of the donkeys also donated half of my body in this mistake. Fortunately, fortunately, there are still half Newport Menthol Shorts. I can use it, so I put it back into the water again. Soon, I moved again. This time I can be smart. When it clenches the hook and pulls it again, who knows that cleverness is wrong, I pull it up. When the hook was escaping, the more irritating thing was that it swallowed the remaining half oftruggle and history with the fish have been repeated... until around 11:30 pm.going home, but I haven't caught a fish yet...ish bite and hooked - but escaped; the hook without the fish was caught - but it caught my laughter.
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