Andy Reid was surprisingly candid about Chiefs’ defensive

struggles Saturday One thing that needs to be realized going into this post is that Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is never going to publicly criticize his players. As a media member Cheap Chris Conley Jersey , that can be frustrating but it’s the reason players love to play for him and probably one of the reasons why, in 2018, he’ll be coaching his 20th consecutive season.I bring that up here because a little criticism is the most you’re ever going to get from Reid, and that’s what we got on Saturday afternoon during his press conference.Bears quarterback and former Chief went 15 of 18 for 198 yards and two touchdowns on the Chiefs’ first-team defense. Daniel also had six carries for 47 yards on the ground.One of the players Reid was asked about was new Chiefs cornerback Orlando Scandrick, who was victimized by a double-move courtesy of Bears up-and-coming receiver Kevin White.Scandrick bit, and the Bears and White scored a 29-yard touchdown. “He got caught on a double move,” Reid said of Scandrick during his post-game presser. “That’s going to happen. He’s just kind of ge bit,” Reid said. “You’ve got to do better than what we did today. He’s a willing worker, so he’ll get back and do that. I’ve seen him do better. He’s just got to pick that up. Again Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Jersey , he’s one of the new guys that the more he plays and sees these things, what he can kind of get away with. “We’re also playing man-cover. That’s where he’s getting in trouble there. So he’s got to learn the angles and the routes and all of that that they’re using. This is all valuable for him.”One of the prevailing thoughts out there is that the Chiefs may have underestimated the Bears, who opted to go with their second-teamers Saturday. Chase played like a starter against the Chiefs.Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty ImagesReid essentially said that mentality is unacceptable. “Yeah, listen, human nature might be that, but you’ve got to fight that,” Reid said. “I’ve seen Chase. You all have seen this. San Diego had a chance to go to the playoffs if they beat us. And Chase goes out and plays like this right here. So you’ve got to, you know, you can’t let your guard down at all you’ve got to continue to challenge, you’ve got to tackle. Those are the things I was looking for. We’ve got to do better on that. “Our tackling wasn’t good. You’ve got to go back to the offensive side. Same thing there. Our blocking wasn’t good enough in the run game. So they were throwing a few different looks at us. But that will help us during the season. They’re a little bit full-season mode here as they go on offense and defense. So it was great work for us here. But we’ve got to do a better job blocking.”Reid typically rests all of his starters for the final preseason game, but perhaps the Chiefs run some of their defensive players who may need the reps, like Scandrick and Amerson, on Thursday night against the Green Bay Packers. It’s not exactly news that under special teams coordinator Dave Toub—the Kansas City Chiefs have been very good at special teams since his arrival in 2013.For a lot of fans, success on special teams is defined by the number of touchdowns that are scored on kick returns.That’s certainly one of the factors to be considered — and since 2013 Cheap Kareem Hunt Jersey , more than a few Chiefs victories depended on kick return touchdowns and other big plays on special teams.But special teams play affects games in other ways that are far less visible.For example, did you know that since Toub arrived in Kansas City, the Chiefs haven’t given up a single kick-return touchdown?Special teams coverage units don’t get covered in glory, but preventing kick return touchdowns is just as important as scoring them.Nor should we discount the field position advantages that good special teams play can provide.When the difference between where your team starts a drive and where the other team starts a drive is five to 10 yards, it may not seem like much of a difference.But that could be a whole set of downs that your team has to get — or prevent.And in a close game, that can be huge.Dave Toub is up to us usual tricks in 2018.Now — as they have been for most of the season — his special teams units are ranked first in Football Outsiders’ DVOA statistic.The Chiefs rank second in yards per punt return, and seventh in yards per kick return.Which brings us to this week’s game against the Cleveland Browns — a team that is pretty much the opposite of the Chiefs in special teams play.The Browns are currently 31st in special teams DVOA.They rank 11th in yards per punt return and 21st in yards per kick return.Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty ImagesSo special teams play could be a significant factor in Sunday’s game.And Toub isn’t overlooking the Browns.Speaking to the media on Thursday, Toub spoke about Browns interim head coach Gregg Williams’ reputation for aggressiveness.“You have to think, Gregg Williams is more of an aggressive guy,” Toub said. “Maybe there is a possibility that there could be some things... he might want to take a chance or a risk here or there. You have to be aware of that and just be prepared.”Williams, after all, was defensive coordinator of the 2009 New Orleans Saints team that caught the Indianapolis Colts flat-footed with an onside kick attempt to open the second half of Super Bowl XLIV.The Saints recovered the kick, scored a touchdown to take the lead, and went on to win the game.But Toub says the Chiefs will be watching for that kind of thing.“We talk about it every week. If a team wants to steal a possession Cheap Steven Nelson Jersey , that is how they are going to do it. They are going to kick a surprise onside kick or they are going to try and fake a punt. Those are the situations where we have to be ready and alert and paying attention to the details.”But although Williams’ aggressive attitude at the top may affect top-line decisions the Browns could make on special teams, at the nuts-and-bolts level, Toub expects the Browns special teams units to be pretty much the same as they were before this week’s coaching upheaval in Cleveland.“We have thought about that,” Toub said. “You have to believe that they are going to be the same. There is only so much you can do in a week. It is the same coach special teams-wise. Same guys. You have to believe that they are going to be what they are.”Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty ImagesToub also spoke about rookie cornerback Tremon Smith, who is currently ranked second in yards per kick return — and is just the latest in a long line of rookies Toub has coached into being effective returners.“We’ve been developing Tremon this whole offseason, and [in] training camp,” he said. “We look for a guy that wants to hit it north and south, has a lot of courage, runs strong, makes good decisions, catches the ball coming forward... those are all things we look for. And a solid catcher — not somebody that’s going to put the ball on the ground — [somebody] who secures the football. That’s first. You’ve got to have that guy first. And he’s got experience. We got him a bunch of touches during the preseason, so we felt real comfortable — when De’Anthony Thomas was injured — to put him in there, and have him in there going forward.”
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