Ark: Survival Evolved Released On the Switch

Survival Evolved CD Key After arriving also in mobile version ARK: Survival Evolved also lands on Nintendo Switch allowing you to have fun surviving in the middle of huge (and dangerous) dinosaurs. The basic gameplay does not change in fact the developers assure that the Switch version players will be able to play the "same open world experience" of the other versions.

Ark: Survival Evolved released on the Nintendo Switch a few days ago. Originally released for Xbox One PlayStation4 Mac and PC in August of 2017 Ark has several developers working on the constantly changing dinosaur adventure game. Developers for this project include: Studio Wildcard Instinct Games Abstraction Games Virtual Basement and Efecto Studios. Check out a comparison of the mobile graphics versus the graphics for the Switch

This time the game is developed in collaboration with Abstraction Games but contains all the contents and features of the original game. The game supports "more than 65 players online" so even the multiplayer component was brought to the Nintendo console.

The Switch was one of the finalbuy Ark Accounts platforms to adopt Ark to its game roster but the developers are marketing the platform through in-game special events and the fact that characters will remain in place even when going offline but other players and dinosaurs may disrupt your home. It is a “persistent world” where your inventory and creatures are subject to theft and destruction.

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