However, an overriding sense of trepidation from certain reporters means it

Mike Tomlin has little to say about Le’Veon Bell: “I’m not talking Le’Veon Authentic Bud Dupree Jersey , I’m just not, there’s nothing new to add” There are certain times during a Mike Tomlin press conference when you can almost feel the room wanting to ask the Pittsburgh Steelers coach a difficult question. Tuesday was one of those occasions, with a palpable sense coming from the assembled media that many of them wanted to ask Tomlin about rumors the Steelers were willing to entertain a trade for Le’Veon Bell, but few of them actually had the nerve to ask him about it themselves.Following a lengthy silence, broken by a cry of “anyone else” from the teams Director of Communications Burt Lauten, the question everyone knew was coming was finally uttered - was the team now willing to listen to trade offers for Le’Veon Bell?The response was delivered in a way that probably made the reporter wish he had never asked.Thankfully , one of the other members of the media followed up with a quick question about Joe Haden shadowing DeSean Jackson on Monday night, and Tomlin was suitably distracted.If anyone in attendance, or anyone listening, actually thought they would get a straight answer from Tomlin to a question about rumors in the media surrounding one of his players, I would suggest they had never heard a Tomlin press conference before. Expecting a genuine response to inquiries about possible trade negotiations going on behind closed doors is even more insane, but clearly the reporter in question thought it was worth a go anyway.If there is a deal in the works, Tomlin is the last person in the world who is going to tell you about it Authentic Antonio Brown Jersey , and it seems fans will have to wait for an update from the ever reliable Adam Schefter for more news. Yes, that last part was sarcasm. The window closed on the Steelers signing running back Le'Veon Bell to a long-term deal nearly three months ago. Before it closed, the Steelers were prepared to commit paying $47 million over three years to Bell, a league source tells PFT.And as to the notion that only $10 million would have been fully guaranteed, at a time when the 2018 franchise tender for Bell is $14.54 million, the package included a $10 million roster bonus due not long after signing, making the practical guarantee $20 million. The Steelers would have avoided that payment only by cutting Bell within days after giving him $10 million to sign.The cash flow beyond the initial $20 million still isn’t known Authentic JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , and neither is the amount that would have been guaranteed for injury only. Still, if Bell shows up for Week Seven and if he gets the full amount of his remaining franchise tender for 2018 (roughly $9 million), he’ll need to get $38 million over the first two years of a contract signed on the open market, in order to get to where he would have been — assuming that the Steelers would have kept him for three full years under the terms of the long-term deal.The duration and structure of the contract beyond 2020 also would be a factor. If Bell had collected $47 million over the first three years, what would he have gotten in 2021 and 2022, if it were a five-term package? It’s possible the Steelers wanted team-friendly terms in the outer years of the deal.Regardless, Bell rejected the offer. And his goal continues to be to get to the open market healthy enough to cash in. He’ll need to cash in significantly , in order to get to where he’d been, if he’d accepted the team’s final offer.Maybe he will. Maybe there’s a team out there that will pay him something more than anyone imagines. We’ll find out the answer come March 2019, assuming he gets his long-awaited chance to see what’s out there.
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