My family lives in

My family lives in Wulian County, surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. I have loved this place since I was young.wever, no matter how beautiful the place is, there are some uncivilized places. Some people spit, mess with small advertisements, drink and drive, and smash red lights.ving in a beautiful mountain town []Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes Online[/url], how can you ignore the fleshy confetti that flies freely without extending your hands? How can you bear to let the white walls leave behind a series of footprints and laughter of gloating? How can you make the abominable cigarettes smog in the beautiful homeland, how can you perform a sword in the public and cut the team, how can you smash the red light, completely ignoring personal safety? Don't you notice the slightest worry in the eyes of others, that blame? Beautiful homes not only need the contributions of others, but also your civilized manners!vilization walks with us, we walk with civilization..." While infiltrating our mountain city and infiltrating our construction, civilization is also infiltrating into our lives and gradually integrating into our hearts and integrating into our blood!en it comes to civilization []Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], I think of a story. On one occasion, Comrade Lenin went downstairs, and on the narrow aisle of the stairs, he was confronted with a female worker holding a basin of water. When the woman worker saw Lenin, she would return and give way. Lenin stopped her from saying, "You don't have to be like this. You have gone halfway through the things you are carrying, and I am empty-handed now. Please go ahead!" He said the word "please" very loudly and very kindly. Then he leaned against the wall and let the female worker go upstairs before he went lization is actually not far from us []Cigarettes Sales[/url]. It is around us. For example, let the old, weak, sick, and sick []Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes[/url], get a seat on the bus, don��t litter, don��t swear, don��t do anything to undermine public finances, Say hello to friends, help people with difficulties, etc. As long as we do our own things everywhere, do as much as possible []Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url], and do not add trouble to others, then the uncivilized behavior around us will slowly disappear. To speak of civilization is to reflect one's cultural accomplishment. Improve their own quality, et us work together to build a civilized Wulian and create a charming mountain city!
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