It was a fresh wind

It was a fresh wind, mixed with the scent of flowers, slowly rushing to me. Take a deep breath of the morning air, as if you are refreshing. blades of grass grow so lush, but in a few days, they grow taller and sway in the wind. A few dewdrops danced playfully on the blades of grass, such as the quiet and luxurious diamonds, shining in the sun.r a winter of blizzard, the pine trees are also full of vitality in the spring. The pine needles are clustered and clustered, which is also the green of the newborn, which is also the green of hope Cigarettes Sales. Hard pine, but also vitality.often saw a few old people, carrying baskets, not rushing, and slowly buying food. Exercise on the street, trotting or walking, with two happy blush on his face. The children, wearing colorful clothes and wearing bright red scarves, walked together in twos and threes, talking and laughing, jumping and jumping. Whether it is an old man or a child, the corner of his mouth will always make a happy smile. It��s not the same, but no one is surprised. Is it not because of this poetic landscape? kitten and puppy can't stand the temptation of the sun, and come out to enjoy the gift of nature. On the grassy grass, you often see two dogs chasing each other, occasionally winding around in the same place, or else squatting on the steps, lazy to the sun, and sometimes stretched.enly, I only listened to the children��s surprise. On the blue sky, a group of geese were flapping their wings and flying, and from time to time they also made a "squeaky" cry. They appeared on the horizon and quickly disappeared into the sky. Where did they come from? Where are you going?geese have disappeared. one piece of the sky without any variegated leaves, except for a touch of clouds.this time, the golden sun shines on me, and I am warm. On the day when the sun was mixed with the breeze, I stood quietly in the forest, and the stone at the foot looked at me quietly. The breeze stroked my face, and the sun on my head gave off the warm daylight. I am the tallest apple tree in the forest. I look at the distant villages, colorful houses, and countless human heads dangling in front of my eyes. I am immersed in this beautiful was a red dot coming from the opposite mountain village. When I approached, I knew that it was a person. The closer he got up, the five or six years old. He was wearing a bright red coat, black and white pants, and a fat little doodle. The face is embedded with two crystal eyes, a bright red mouth and a watery nose. He stood at my feet and stared at me with the eyes of the water, thinking for a moment his mouth moved as if to say: "Apple tree, you are tall, apple tree, you are strong, apple tree, your apple is red He came over and stroked my trunk. I looked at him again. He was gone Newport 100S Carton Wholesale. I moved my body and found that he was already on my back. He said to me: "Don't move Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S, I am going to pick apples." I said, "Well, I can't taste my apple Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale." I looked at him. He sat on my branch, barefoot. Hey, picking up the apples and eating excitedly, I saw an apple falling down from the sky. I asked, "Is it delicious?" He said: "It's delicious, but I am a little tired."pped down and fell asleep under the tree. I used the leaves to fan him. I gradually entered the dream. When I woke up again, he stroked the roots. The blurred scene I saw in a blur. A little boy wears a gold crown. When he knows it, he knows that it is my friend. He said, "Look, is my crown good?" "Too good Cheap Marlboro 100 Cigarettes, you are really creative." I called many animals, he Sitting on my back like a king, but he is not as free and jealous as the king, he is so active, cute, innocent, innocent. me." He stood on top of my head. "Hey, I want to try the feeling of the five strong men of the Langya Mountain, and I want to be a hero." "Okay." "Hip-hop." Dangdang "Look at the hand on my left hand, the most of the apples fell to the ground." "Nothing, I just want to wash an apple bath."
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