Caps and Mikyx participate in the League of Legends European Championship

LOL ELO Boosting Perkz who was the G2 midliner so far becomes the team's ADC and gives his post to the prodigy Caps who shone during the 2019 Worlds with Fnatic.

After announcing the departure of Midlaner Caps who has been on the team since 2016 Fnatic has announced the name of the player who will take his place for season 9. This is Tim "Nemesis" Lipovsek a Slovenian midliner who was in the Spanish league this season at MAD Lions.

Rasmus "Caps" Winther Fnatic's former midlaner and Mahiel "Mykyx" Mehle the former support of Misfits Gaming both come to officially join G2 Esports.

For the midlaner the next season will be a challenge: in addition to enteringbuy LOL ELO Boosting the European league for the first time the latter will have to take the place of a player who has marked the history of the game Caps. On Fnatic's official website is a detailed presentation of his career (for English speakers).

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