Background of the Invention Preparation of Cobalt Chrome Alloy

Dental prevalence is high worldwide, with just 800 million dental patients in China alone. Among them, dental defects and dentition loss are the most common dental patients, and they are usually repaired with dentures. Nickel-chromium alloy is the most common alloy material in the traditional dental casting process, but nickel-chromium alloys are prone to allergic reactions because they contain nickel, so this alloy material has gradually been eliminated. Cobalt Alloy has become the most commonly used dental alloy material due to its good mechanical properties, biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in the manufacture of dental restorations such as metal-ceramic crown bridges and removable partial metal stents.
At present, the processing method of common Cobalt Alloy Valve Seat restoration is the lost-cast wax casting method, but the processing process is cumbersome, time-consuming, and the quality assurance rate of raw materials is low, and the accuracy and quality of the restoration may be greatly different due to the difference of operators. During the casting process, chemical impurities are easily embedded in the crown, forming a large number of shrinkage holes and trachoma, affecting the precision and the bonding force of the gold and porcelain. Therefore, the processing method of investment lost wax casting can not meet the current high performance, automatic and rapid prosthetic manufacturing requirements.

Metal additive manufacturing molding technology as a new type of precision manufacturing method, combined with computer three-dimensional modeling and computer-aided design, has the potential to replace the traditional denture casting process. Additive manufacturing technology has the advantages of high degree of individuality, simple process, short production cycle, high material utilization rate, etc., which can meet the technical requirements of personalized, complicated and difficult oral repair, and at the same time make up for the shortcomings of the prior art, so the metal Additive manufacturing has been increasingly applied to the manufacture of dental prostheses, becoming an indispensable emerging technology for oral digital processing.

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