Golden Triangle Tour Packages as per your budget and Time?

The best part of the Golden Triangle Tour packages is that they are totally flexible. It can be enjoyed and experienced in 3 days also and can be taken up for 9 to 10 days also. It all depends on your time, budget, and your preference. If you are on a short of time and have explored any of these places earlier, you can choose Golden Triangle tour packages for about 3 to 4 days. The budget for this tour is less and time to be spent in each city is lesser. And if you want to explore each city with all the major attraction points of those cities then it is better to go for more days like around for 7 to 10 days. This one can be a leisure historical holiday for. The budget for the long tours is obviously more but you get enough time to explore each place and ample time to relax as well. Always chose your tour depending upon your exploring preference along with your desired budget.

1: Golden Triangle 3 Days
2: Golden Triangle with Tiger
3: Golden Triangle with Jodhpur

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