Before China was not liberated

Before China was not liberated, it was often bullied by the Japanese. My Chinese children never succumbed to the arrogance of the Japanese invaders Marlboro Lights. Where did their iron hooves go, there would be an anti-Japanese carols, and there would be a battle with the Japanese devils. s story. Their stories have deeply shocked my heart, and the five heroes of the Langya Mountain broke the heroic deeds. They used their blood and life to write more brilliant poems.n the autumn of 1941, the Japanese aggressor army raided the border area of ??Jinchaji. Ma Baoyu, the squad leader of the Eighth Route Army, and the soldiers Ge Zhenlin, Song Xueyi, Hu Fucai, and Hu Delin accepted the task of blocking the Japanese army and boarded the main peak of the chessboard in Langya Mountain. The Japanese army slammed the Langya Mountain with 3 Marlboro Gold,000 troops. Five warriors, such as Ma Baoyu, fought against the enemies with planes and cannons by virtue of the condescending terrain. The enemy even launched three assaults, and they were all defeated by them. The victory completed the task of pinning the enemy. But at this time, the soldiers have reached the point where they can do their best Newport Cigarettes Coupons. They use stones as weapons, rushing to the enemies, and doing desperate struggles. In the end, the five strong men faced the enemies approaching step by step and jumped off the cliff without fear. seems that this story, I think you should all be touched, and the most touching thing in the story is that the five strong men shouted "Down with the Japanese Lord" and "Long live the Chinese Communist Party" and then took a big step and jumped one after another Parliament Cigarettes. cliff. This voice is earth-shattering and strong. What a great five strong men, they are not afraid, the spirit of not afraid of sacrifice is always worth learning.lo, everyone! I am a small rubber that is loved by everyone. My body is very petite, about one-sixth of the palm of my hand. My appearance is dark and there is a very cute Mi Fei pattern printed on it.ou don't want to look at my black appearance. If I use a pencil to erase the pencil Marlboro Gold Pack, I can wipe it clean!stening to my grandfather said that before he was born, people used bread to erase pencils. Later, in 1770, a British scientist named Priest created him with natural rubber. However, when the ancestors erased the words, they did not lose the crumbs, and the more they wiped the dirt, so people added oil and sulfur when making the rubber, so my father was born!er the birth of Dad, the pencils that people used to wipe out the papers were really clean, but the appearance was not very beautiful. Later, I was born with a bluer than blue!man friends, we sacrifice ourselves and contribute to your clean homework, so please cherish us!
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