Shoes are inseparable from

Shoes are inseparable from us every day. With the needs of our lives, shoes now have many functions, deodorant, breathable, etc. But now the shoes can not meet the future needs, the future shoes will be What does it look like? Come check it out with me!uture shoes have a variety of functions, its color is crystal clear like the color of the crystal, and the shape is no different from ordinary shoes can fly, if there is traffic jam on the road, you can be late for a few minutes! At this time, you can choose to fly, as long as you say: "I want to fly!" Flying shoes will take two wings from the sole to fly you up, it will take you to school within three minutes []Marlboro Cigarettes[/url].lying shoes can change color according to your body condition, it will change from crystal clear color to red, then it means you should go to the hospital! This way you don't haven you wear flying shoes []Parliament Cigarettes[/url], he will give you the best massage in the world []Marlboro Gold[/url], so you don't have to worry about wearing itng shoes have many features that you didn't expect. Do you want to have a pair of flying shoes like this? The love between Xu Xian and Bai Niangzi was passed down as a good story []How Much Is A Carton Of Newports[/url], but after all, there was no er the white lady was rescued by Xiaoqing, she was very excited. Xiaoqing also told Bai Niangzi that she had been practicing kungfu in the cave for 18 years to save her. What Bai Niang wants to do at this time is to know the news of her husband and children. So Xiaoqing accompanied the white lady to the original residence in Hangzhou. After about twenty minutes, Bai Niangzi and Xiaoqing rushed into the fog and finally came to their home. She stopped again. Some hesitated and did not dare to go in. She thought, "Xu Xian will see me and me." After all, I deceived him." At this time Xiaoqing said: "We are all at the door, how can we get in! You don't want to see what your son who misses day and night looks like?" She went to the door []Newport Cigarettes[/url]. Gently knocked on the door and slammed the sound. Xu Xian ran over and opened the door. It was the white lady who missed her for the past 18 years. He gave the white lady and Xiaoqing into the house. The white lady suddenly rushed into the arms of Xu Xian, and they managed to restrain their and downs he has experienced to raise a big child. Xu Xian said: "Do you know? When I was a child, my child always asked my mother to go there? Do you know how much heartache I have when my child asks?" The white lady was already crying, and even Xiaoqing was crying in the side. Bai Niangzi said: "Official person, can you let me see my baby son?" At this time, a tall, handsome, thick-eyed, handsome handsome boy came out and asked: "Father, who is this woman?" Why do we look a bit similar?" At this time, the white lady said: "Son, I am the mother you miss day and night! Don't blame my mother will leave you alone, I am forced to do so."lly, the son recognized his mother, Xu Xian was admitted to the people, Xiaoqing became the owner of the pharmacy, and had his own happy home. The whole family has lived a happy life since then.
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