The world of music

The world of music is wonderful, and the music of nature is even more intoxicating. Let's take a look at the clouds!Listen! The sound in nature is like a symphony. The sounds of the wind, the thunder and the rain are like the notes of the enthusiasm Marlboro Cigarettes. Up and down, an elegant song is played.wind rolled up and the leaves ran wildly. The wind is the first "red card star" in this audio world. Its song is long and soft, listening to "call - call - call -" it makes this song kicked off, but also makes people feel cool. The wind blew away the dull atmosphere, and the quiet and ethereal voice was popular with people. Ray��s footsteps, when the cloud girls in black robes gathered together, their songs were heated and loud! "Booming, rumbling" I seem to hear the sound of playing the giant drum with a raft in the wilderness, but there is a difference. The sound of Ray is natural and random. You never know which note it hits. It seems to be disorganized, but as long as you listen carefully, you will find that this is the most harmonious rhythm.although it was late, it made up for the mistakes with beautiful so It was the sound of the rain flapping the window. "Sha La La, Sha La La" This is a tacit duo of rain and trees. The rain "����, ����" is underground. Listening carefully, I feel that it is playing a powerful song, the majestic melody is playing like real music, but it is more clear and clear.
eems to wash away all the sorrows and worries in your mind, and bring your soul to a world, a free country, and let you relax. The rain is joyous, and it seems to have decided to wash away all the dust on the ground and bring all the freshness from heaven to earth. Somehow, there is always an unspeakable sense of joy in my heart. It constantly encourages me with the rain, and makes me feel the warmth of the rain. rain is getting bigger and bigger, splashing the crystal clear water, and blending into my heart, it seems to produce a light in my heart, and the whole piece of land is shining. Then I realize that the earth is full of new green, full of vitality. Put away the messy thoughts, pick up a few words, and write down the charm of China in my heart. China is a country with a charm, or a country full of human touch, a beautiful country.y rhyme China has a long meaning. Turning over the heavy history, the poems of harmony and harmony have accompanied 5,000 years of beautiful China. Numerous literati, Mo Ke or Huang Zhong Da Lu, thick ink spilled; or sing low-pitched, light strokes. The ancient poems of the poems are sketched in the old days Cigarettes For Sale, and the Tang poetry and Song poems are written in gorgeous music. Today, modern poetry, like the phoenix nirvana after the Cultural Revolution, sweeps away the rhetoric of five words and seven words Cheap Cigarettes, continues to write a chic and dynamic melody, and plays a colorful chapter. From ancient times to the present, the same text system expresses emotions and sorrows, and the same pulse of thought has changed for the rise and fall. The beautiful China created the glory of poetry, and the moving poetry also contributed to the beauty of China. Jing Yun China, beautiful. Closed his eyes, the impression of China is a sturdy and ethereal ink Danqing. Huangshan Yunhai, Luzhou Night Moon, Nanhu Yanyu, West Lake Remnant Snow, Yellow River Waterfall, Yangtze River. The mountains in the north, the clear waters of the southern countries, the clear blue sky and white clouds Marlboro Red 100S, the boundless forest marshes. Nature has undoubtedly displayed its beauty on the vast land of China Carton Of Marlboro Reds, and has given its beauty to the
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