The most precious thing for

The most precious thing for man is life. Life is only once for us. A person's life should be spent this way: When he looks back at the past, he does not repent because of his ignorance, nor is he ashamed of his inaction. The words of the protagonist Paul Kochakin in the book "How Steel Is Made" deeply touched my heart.l lived in a poor family in the dark old society. He was out of school because he was a little wrong. He was forced to go out to work. He was suffering from pain in his youth. Later he was in the assembly work of Zhu He. Under the guidance, he joined the Red Army at the age of sixteen and became a strong Bolshevik warrior. He was seriously wounded many times in the battle, and then his eyes were blind, his body was paralyzed, and he was in desperate circumstances. But he did not back down, and finally he bravely took it. He has returned to his own combat position and dedicated his life to the ideal of communism.order to realize his lofty ideals, Paul��s tenacity, perseverance and his perseverance in the face of difficulties and setbacks are very worthy of our admiration and learning. He always thinks about fighting for the cause of revolution, always remembering that he never vain his life, the words of inaction, miraculously persist in the battle position, and finally he succeeded.Jianfeng has been grinding out, plum blossoms have come from bitter cold." Our current conditions of study and life are really different from those of Paul []Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url]. Is the difficulty we encounter not trivial? Is there any reason not to do things well? Paul Kochak��s indomitable spiritual moment encouraged me []Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url]. Just in the previous days of the sports meeting, I participated in the 1500-meter race. Just when I ran the third lap, I was accidentally stunned and left behind other players. I felt top-heavy and my legs were like I didn��t want to run when I was filled with lead. At this moment, the broadcast came "to the students who participated in the 1500-meter run, fight hard, carry forward the spirit of perseverance, victory belongs to you." The voice, "Is this not the spirit of Paul? I can not halfway" So I With enough courage, I left my difficulties behind my head, my teeth biting, my heart was flat, and I finally got a place. If you encounter difficulties and frustrations, you will not be discouraged. You will persist in pursuing your goals, persist in your struggles, and strive to become stronger in the raging fires of difficulties and frustrations. When you mature, we will be able to forge ourselves. A good steel to build a beautiful tomorrow for the motherland! I often ask myself []Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url], is the purpose of coming to school to learn knowledge, or to get the first place?if we know a lot of knowledge, then we can get the first place. The first place is so important to every student! One said that there are more than 3,000 students in the whole school. Do they all have to be obtained? I think that every student has their strengths and weaknesses. "The three people must have my teacher." The first one said to me that it is ordinary. Knowledge is my greatest wish. Some students can do anything for their own good results! There are some students who do not understand and cheat when they take the test. Some students don't understand it, but they want to "I don't understand. If I also cheat, it won't be useful to get good grades. It's not my own knowledge, but the beginning of cheating." Cheating classmates, do they know what will happen in the future when they cheated. I am very depressed. Whenever I take the exam, I often tell myself, "Nie Jia, you have to cheer, you must do it." Do you know that before the exam, I really hope that I can get good grades, but After the results came out, I saw that I only scored more than 90 points. Instead, those cheating students really scored 100 points. When I took the exam []Online Cigarettes[/url], I really told the teacher, but I won't, I won't. The exams are good, the results come out, and I see their smiles. I am really disappointed with myself. It seems that I just said to myself: "It doesn't matter, they cheating is their thing. When they study the exam, they are cheating. When they grow up, they know that they are not learning well!" And I, I think Even if I can get more than 90 points, I am very happy. This 90-point score is my own hard work []Carton Of Marlboro Reds[/url], not as good as they I must work hard, learn every day, understand every day! Can get good grades, let them know that such good results are my own ha
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