NFL free agency Six potential landing sp

Tony Romo hits the market soon. So, whos going to come after him the hardest?Or is that the best question? Maybe its more like: Who should keep on shopping elsewhere?After all, as great as Romos career in Dallas was, there are plenty of logical reasons for even the most Devonta Freeman Jersey quarterback-desperate teams to pa s on him. Hard to believe, considering whos out there getting jobs and big offers, but true.Here are the teams who need quarterbacks the most, why Romo would be perfect and why someone else might be even better.BroncosThey need him because: Theyre not that far from leaping back into Super Bowl contention. But their quarterback play, mainly from Trevor Siemian, was dreadful. The receivers are there, the defense is there if they fix the offensive line and the running game, Romo can be the final piece.They dont need him because: They won a Super Bowl very recently with Peyton Manning running on fumes. A case can be made that quarterback wasnt their biggest problem, it was the aforementioned offensive line and running game. Those can mask the deficiencies of any quarterback.Instead, go get: A serviceable veteran like Nick Foles or Colin Kaepernick, to back up Paxton Lynch, their first-round pick a year ago. Why else did you draft him?MORE: Broncos are Jerry Jones' preferred destination for RomoTexansThey need him because: For about the 238th consecutive year, quarterback play ruined their season. The world has run out of ways to describe how awful the Brock Osweiler signing was, not to mention Osweiler himself. Romo can be the answer for a team that should get a hungry J.J. Watt back.They dont need him because: They were looking Matt Ryan White Limited Jersey for not only short-term, but long-term solutions in Osweiler and Tom Savage. Romo would only be short-term, although that would be a benefit as they try to hold their place in the standings.Instead, go get: A quarterback whos three years younger than Romo, was among the bestin the NFL just two years ago, has taken a team to within a game of the Super Bowl, and has a lot to prove at this stage of his career, including staying healthy. Welcome to Houston Jay Cutler.BearsThey need him because: John Fox, Ryan Pace and Co. are done with Jay Cutler, and no one really disputes why. The Bears are one of those teams that could turn things around fast with some smart offseason moves, and a quarterback like Romo would be one.They dont need him because: They would need more than one smart move, especially if they cant keep Alshon Jeffery as a free agent. Why waste Romo on that?Instead, go get: Mitchell Trubisky, with the third overall pick. Teams really have a lot of faith in him, the way they did last year about another quarterback without a huge body of work, Carson Wentz. The Eagles arent complaining.MORE: All the NFL Free Agency rumors in one spotJetsThey need him because: Nobody appears to trust a single quarterback on that roster, even though the current brain trust brought most of them in all of them right now except Geno Smith. Otherwise nah to Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty. Romo would be an enormous upgrade.They dont need him because: Theyre rebuilding from the ground up. They Julio Jones Jersey just ditched expensive veterans Darrelle Revis and Brandon Marshall. Romo is an expensive veteran. Thats that.Instead, go get: Patrick Mahomes, early in the second round of the draft, or late in the first if you can trade up. Taking one of the quarterbacks with the sixth pick probably isnt smart, either. This is do-able, Jets. Also: Free Geno Smith, already.BrownsThey need him because: Come on, did you see who played for them last season? In that 1-15 season? Compared to the rest, Robert Griffin III looked like Brett Favre. They dont have to grab a quarterback with either the first or 12th pick or even a later pick, if Romo can buy them a year.They dont need him because: the Browns proved one thing above all else they cant protect their quarterback. And Romo turns 37 next month and well, no one has called him the Iron Horse lately.Instead, go get: Deshaun Watson, Clemsons national championship quarterback, with the 12th pick. Dont over-think this, Browns.WashingtonThey need him because: It would save Matt Ryan Jersey face for whoever is calling the shots in the front office. A team beat writer either jokingly or seriously implied that team president Bruce Allen started a rumor of a three-way trade to land Romo, as a smokescreen in the middle of their general-manager controversy.They dont need him because: Technically, they have a starter who is scheduled to make about $24 million this season: Cousins. Even if the 49ers Deion Sanders Jersey are no longer in play at theNo. 2 overall pick with their recent signing of veteran Brian Hoyer, who knows if theres a trade out there that would blow Washington away and take them off the hook for this debacle.Instead, go get: DeShone Kizer with their pick in the middle of the second round. Reaching for him at 17th overall might be a bit much. On the other hand, the way their offseason is beginning, they might be starting from scratch soon anyway.MORE:Sporting News' 2017 Mock DraftWorth noting: until Wednesday afternoon, this list was longer. Here is one team that no longer needs to chase Romo, and why thats a good thing.49ersThey dont need him because: They reportedly have agreed to sign Hoyer. Neither he nor Romo will be around when this reconstruction either pays off or blows up. Hoyer is hardly more durable than Romo, but hes far more affordable, and when healthy can make things happen.But eventually, they should go get: Cousins, next year, when Washington still cant sign him.
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