Balenciaga Triple S

Overall, the Balenciaga Triple S Sale has this sort of stretch fit. And there’s a big hole in the tongue that you put your fingers through to easily pull it on. I played around with stuff that we wouldn’t normally do on an athletic shoe and kept trying to add other little features like a little cargo net in the back that would help with getting the shoe on or off.


With the Nike Sock Dart Safari Sale and all-black dominating the summer season, it’s only right that we get a colorway that brings us the best of both worlds. Sneakerheads know that white on white kicks don’t last long once they get dirty, and all black doesn’t have the personality that people love. So they give us a “Light Ash” colorway that can honestly go with any outfit you can think of. It’s rare to find a sneaker that has a perfect balance of simplicity and a style, which makes this Huarache so special. This classic kick has everything you need to make your outfit be on point. Make sure you pick up the Nike Air Huarache “Light Ash” on, and experience the greatness that they call the “Neoprene Dream”.

This week we'll be posting some vintage Nike React Element 87 Sale knock off shoes. SneakerFreaker has a great post on the shared origins of the Cortez and Corsair which is here. Since the Cortez was one of Nike's most popular sneakers it spawned a few imitators, some better than others.
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