Undefeated x Air Jordan 4 Retro 2018 Limited Editions

Earlier, in order to cater to the rapper Eminem's new album "Revival", the 2019 Jordan launched the Air Jordan 4 Encore, which is popular among fans around the world. At the same time, it opened a new chapter in this joint project. Looking back In 2005, the street fashion brand UNDEFEATED and Jordan's limited edition 72 pairs of Air Jordan 4 are equally hot, and it is reported that the two sides will once again join hands to launch a new version. The new work is inspired by the classic MA-1 flight jacket. The body is dominated by military green and decorated with orange details. The support, midsole and heel are matched with black. The overall design is also mouth watering. .
This New Air Jordans 2019 sneaker features UNDEFEATED's classic green-orange military style, retaining the original green suede upper, but replacing the side bracket and heel with a black python leather, and the orange lining creates a sharp contrast. In the same year, the number of sales was only 72 pairs (limited by relatives and friends), and the rare number and bright-eyed appearance became the classic representatives in the history of the Air Jordan joint series in the future. Recently @solesupremacy shared UNDEFEATED x Air Jordan 4 new spy photos, the iconic military green color matching inspired by the orange of MA-1, successfully reproduce the scenery of the coming year, and once again caused a hot discussion on the network.
At the moment, this Undefeated X Air Jordan 4 was produced in 2005 by the famous trend shoe store "undefeated" and the JORDAN brand. The whole pair of shoes continues to use the “military” style of this shoe store, using a military uniform green upper. Material, each pair of shoes is equipped with an "undefeated" nylon bag, highlighting the unique and noble quality of these shoes. And now the price of this pair of shoes on the ebay is as high as $30,000.
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