In the evening, I walked out

"Autumn winds are mixed with autumn rain, and the night is cool and add a few. There is no sound, the leaves are dancing." Yes! The autumn wind blew, the autumn rain passed, and the autumn mother was busy putting gold on the trees. Ascending to the distance, it is like a smashing "Golden Sea." The autumn wind swept over Marlboro Gold Pack, the leaves fell, some danced like butterflies; some fluttered like yellow owls; some were as light as the dancers. The fallen leaves are covered with a thick golden blanket.Autumn, though not as vibrant as the spring of blooming flowers, is not as vibrant as the tree-lined summer; but it attracts people with attractive autumn colors and golden fruits. I love to see the bright moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival; I love to see the beautiful autumn chrysanthemum in Yingze Park; I love to see the geese in the neat rows; I love to see the clear waters of the Weihe River; I love the pearl-like grains. The heavy apple is adorned with branches.n the autumn, the chrysanthemums are facing the cold wind, and they are so beautiful and proud Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. There are red, white, yellow, purple, and powder. . . . . . Colorful, the autumn dress is beautiful. There is no such thing as "not a flower that prefers chrysanthemum, this flower is more flowerless."n the autumn Carton Of Marlboro Reds, the rise of the mountains is full of red leaves, red like a flame, like the sunset glow, it seems to be disdain for the cold autumn, it is really "frost leaves red in February flowers."How can this beautiful autumn color not be liked!We walked into the autumn Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and the rice ears, sunflowers, apples, grapes, corn, sorghum, all matured, and the beautiful wild chrysanthemums also scented the path of the sheep in the field.The rice ear is ripe, and the golden face is like a beautiful gold, shining in the sun.The sunflowers are ripe, and they bow down and look like a grandfather is bending his back.The apples were blown cold by the autumn wind, and they all wore a red cotton jacket, as if a red lantern was hanging over each branch. Every branch.The grapes were also blown cold by the autumn wind Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, and all of them were covered with a purple robe, as if the grapes were blown cold by the autumn wind, and all of them were covered with a purple robe, like a beautiful purple pearl. How beautiful the strings arehe corn is holding a red scorpion and happy, and seems to have forgotten a summer trouble.Xiaohong smiled and smiled, and seemed to be praised by others as happy.
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