In the work, we need the spirit of Lei Feng

In the work, we need the spirit of Lei Feng. We should be as dedicated as Lei Feng, study hard, diligently save, and regard work as our responsibility, and be a person who is beneficial to the company and beneficial to the team. Only in this way can the company develop and our own capabilities can be more effective.In life, we need the spirit of Lei Feng. Only when we carry forward the spirit of helping others and being kind, we can get the help and respect of others, and we can feel real happiness in the sincerity of interaction. It is difficult for people who only see their own interests at a moment to appreciate the joy of life Newport Cigarettes. There is only one kind of true happiness, that is, giving for others, and you will receive the highest honor in, over the past few decades, our lives have undergone earth-shaking changes. We should never wear patched clothes anymore. Never endure hunger anymore Parliament Cigarettes, and never experience so much suffering like Lei Feng Carton Of Cigarettes. However, we should not forget him. At any time, he should be our role model Newport Cigarettes Price, when we all need Lei Feng spirit. We should understand him and respect him. No matter how rich and colorful our lives are, we can never lack the care and love of others and the world.Lei Feng should always belong to China. The spirit of Lei Feng should be the spirit that every Chinese should have, no matter which industry or work you are engaged in. Because only then can we have the ability to surpass ourselves and surpass others. Our country can make progress and our lives will be better.The graduation ceremony on July 3 was over. We packed up and took the gift that we gave us at the Lushan Primary School - the diploma Carton Of Newports. Silently stepping out of the school, looking back at our alma mater, look at this teaching building, which is deeply imprinted on our footprints; look at the green playground, which used to be our playing field; look at this One flower, one grass and one wood, aren't these friends who have spent six years with us? At the end of the graduation exam, I am about to enter junior high school. When I say goodbye to my alma mater, I have a scene from my elementary school for six years. I am reading with my classmates and teachers, chatting together, laughing together, and there is a kind of heart that can��t be said. Feeling, a bit of sourI will never forget the beauty of my alma mater! Lushan Elementary School is a beautiful school. Behind the hills of the house, a river in front of the door; into the school, facing the side of the three camphor trees, the fragrance is fragrant. Into the small garden, the photosynthesis of the plants makes the small garden extraordinarily cool; look carefully, boxwood, pine, iron, wisteria, bamboo, everything, especially an old osmanthus tree, standing in the center; trunk Very thick, three people can't hold their arms open; the branches are interlaced, the leaves are very lush, and it has been growing for hundreds of years! Walking out of the small garden, surrounded by greenery, the green plants dotted our Lushan Primary School, which is pleasing to the eye.When I was eight years old, my father and mother took my young hand and walked into the gate of Lushan Primary School. At that time, our childish innocence was full of curiosity and mystery to this new school, Lushan Elementary School. I was assigned to the second class, and a few weeks later, the students quickly met. When we think of the second grade, we entered the Young Pioneers. This is our most exciting time. We all brought red scarves. When we think of childishness, we are kneeling on the ground, rock-paper-scissors, and win all kinds of cards. Think of our second class working together in the sports meeting. I got the second place in the team; I remembered that we had taken the exams, and all of them looked down and waited for the teacher to take the floor... In the sixth year of elementary school, our second class had joy and sadness. The second class is harmonious and united. I will never forget our second class! come
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