Maplestory M Hero skills suggestions

Which are the first things which you consider when viewing the words Big bang? But some want pre-Aran, and a few want Pre-Cygnus, and a few want pre-Pirate, and some assert 4th occupation and Mages' spammable ultimates are what ruined this game.

But most of them only Maplestory M Mesos want their happy innocent youth. You give them their "Old Maple" server and they'll see that, what with college and job and family, they do not actually have the opportunity to grind countless hours just for 5 AP and 3 SP, and their pals play different hours so they can't spend too long together, and nothing is really exactly the same as it had been back in that ideal summertime of '08.

Now I understand what you guys are thinking... "NERF REWARDS? ARE YOU STUPID?! Yea so do I..

I would try to train at a Drakes map or even in abandoned maps but people would come and lag the location with their abilities and even try to ks to make us kill quicker. Despite asking those people to not kill steal our mobs or spam their skills that induce lag, many of these players don't and won't listen 90% of their time.

Previously, elite supervisors were just available to all those of the identical level range involving rewards. Though there were kill stealers trying to hunt the Elite boss, there wasn't half of the host coming and causing the lag. The new method of recieving benefits from Elite Guide For Maplestory mobile mesos have created a huge problem with kill stealing and also much lag using the person who's trying to train their personality.
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