The spring breeze blew,

The spring breeze blew, the colorful flowers rushed to open, the birds sang on the branches []Newport 100S[/url], the willows danced with the wind, and the new year came quildn't help but evoke my deep memories when I saw all kinds of candy in the supermarkpainting is so beautiful! Look at Yang Xing's..." I was enchanted by the praises of others, and everyone also gave me the title of "Little Painte Xing is a classmate who paints with me []Marlboro Red 100S[/url]. Because everyone says that I paint well, she does not want to talk to us. But one thing makes me unbelievabhe weekend, Teacher Wang asked us to make a homemade painting. In the end, I competed with Yang Xing. I confidently took the picture on stage, but she slowly walked down the stage with a low head. I didn��t look at her. I smiled and thought: Compared with me, it��s true. Ask for it! I handed the painting to Teacher Wang at the same time. I saw the classmates shouting loudly: "��Little painter! Little painter!���� I don��t want to mention how happy I am. Teacher Wang looked and looked at it []Carton Of Cigarettes[/url]. Compared with it, he finally spoke. "The winner of today is Yang Xing's "The Little Fish"!" Suddenly, the classroom was quiet as if he could drop a needle. I stumbled and walked out of the podium with anger and ran out of the classroom. I turned around and looked at it. I watched Yang Xing and I accelerated. I quietly hid under the tree outside the classroom and cried: "Why? Yang Xing became the champion of the weekend? Why?" I kept crying []Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url]. At this time []Newport Cigarettes Website[/url], someone patted me on the shoulder and sat next to me. When I saw Yang Xing, I said to her, "Do you come to see me joke?" Yang Xing said with a smile: " Everything that changes will be strong and face to face! Like me, painting is not good at all, but it can be praised. It is purely a cat that encounters a dead mouse." "A cat like you can only meet "The dead mouse!" Yang Xing saw that I was mad, and replied: "Yes! Right! Right! I can only touch the dead mouse. - You are not angry?" I took her hand and said: "Wang When the teacher said, I had already thrown it into the clouds, and the gas had already disappeared. Next time we will earn the first!" She said with a blank expression: "The next time I can't have me." "Why?" "Come on! Eat sugar!" Yang Xing interrupted me. Handing me a candy with a big thumb, I couldn't help but tear the wrapping paper and put it in my mouth. I said, "What is this sugar? It's delicious!" She smiled and said: "Call, call, Calling forgotten sad sugar." "Ha, ha, ha..." A few days later, Teacher Wang said that Yang Xing left the painting class for family reasons. I suddenly groaned, my heart was very sad, although I was a little angry with him, but I can't forget her - a sweet smile.

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