Hello everybody, today we are going over the TOP 5 WR'S IN MADDEN 19 ULTIMATE TEAM as part of our daily Top 5 which will include every major position in Madden. I will more than likely group OL together to make it easier, I doubt anybody cares if I do every OL position (it would be boring).

First up we have a 3 way tie at 88 overall. The player we're going over first is Michael Thomas. Nothing really needs to be said about Saints WR Michael Thomas in mut coins. He is what he is, average to above average at every major attribute that makes a wide receiver a wide receiver. He won't burn corners with elite speed but what he will give you is the sense of reliability with his great catching attributes and route running. I expect him to be a good option for people day 1 looking for an Elite WR to add to their squad.

Next up we have Keenan Allen. Finally Allen put together a fully healthy season and played amazing the entire year! His MUT card comes in at 88 overall with a bit more playmaking ability than Michael Thomas. I expect this will be one of the fan favorite Elite WR's at the beginning of the year because he will have a total package of above average speed, catching and route running but he won't be overly expensive.

Definitely not a fall from grace but A.J. Green is the next player up at 88 overall (down from last years 89 overall core elite) but pay no attention to his decrease in rating, last season he finished with just over 1,000 receiving yards and 8 touchdowns, definitely worthy of an 88 overall rating but we have seen better years out of Green. He has put up multiple seasons of over 1300 yards and 11 touchdowns. I think his MUT card this year will be just as good as previous years to start off, huge playmaking ability and a fan favorite, but not in the same tier as the guys above him. Maybe I'm wrong but we'll see!

Next up we get into the 89 Overall rating tier and to start us off we have Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. People need to realize, just because a player got injured doesn't mean they lose all of their talent. Odell is as hungry as ever to get back onto the field and prove he is still a top tier WR and his MUT card will be just what you all remember, EXPLOSIVE. Great speed, great hands, great route running, the TOTAL package! I just feel like the guys above him will be slightly better.Click to Buy more madden 19 coins
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