Shanghai Events

Shining like a bright pearl in the oriental world with ever rising international position and influence, Shanghai is a place preferred by many for holding numerous varied events, including festivals, performances, competitions, exhibitions and conferences. If you can experience one such exciting event, it will greatly enhance your stay in the city.To get more shanghai events today, you can visit shine news official website.
Itching to try some? Here we give a brief introduction to the main events held in Shanghai. Go ahead and get more detailed information on the ones in which you are interested, such as features, activities and most importantly - the schedule.

Festival Time in Shanghai
Festival Time in ShanghaiYou can expect both traditional and modern festivals with distinctive local features in Shanghai.
As it was developed from a small fishing village, Shanghai strived to keep many of its Chinese folk customs; thus there are several traditional festivals and activities still to be seen there such as New Year Bell Striking, Yuyuan Lantern Festival and Longhua Temple Fair.

Besides its modern achievements, it boasts attractive natural scenery and a special cultural foundation. Therefore a number of modern festivals are held here to showcase them; for example, Peachblossom Festival, International Tea Culture Festival, International Flower Festival, Television Festival, International Arts Festival and Shanghai Tourism Festival.Having the best cultural center in eastern China with a number of large quality stages and theaters, Shanghai is favored by many artists, bands, troupes and orchestras.
Shanghai Grand Theater
Grand TheaterIf you are an art lover, the great many vocal concerts, musical concerts, operas, dance performances and dramas shown will be sure to satisfy your needs.Shanghai's vigor is embodied by the impulsive development of its economy, and even more so by its multifarious competitions; especially sporting events.
Shanghai Stadium is the largest comprehensive site in the city for many national and international sports competitions. 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games were held there. In August 2008, the preliminary football matches of the Beijing Olympic Games was held there, also.

The city is a paradise for fans of Formula 1 racing. Please make sure before you go that your heart is ready for the great excitement brought by the F1 Chinese Grand Prix at the Shanghai Circuit.
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