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After the winter vacation, my mother gave me an erhu training class. To be honest, I am not interested in Erhu. The dark color, with only two strings, looks like unearthed artifacts and is incompatible with modern music. If I choose, I will choose a piano or a violin, how elegant and poetic. Since my mother signed up,just started practicing the empty string, and the erhu made a "squeaky" sound, so it��s hard to hear! This is the most ugly sound I have heard since history. So I had the idea of ??giving up studying erhu Cigarette Online, but I have already paid tuition and can only learn from the scalp. One morning, I just walked to the door of the classroom where I studied erhu. I heard the sound of a pleasant sound in the classroom Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. The teacher was pulling "Two Springs Reflecting the Moon"! so beautiful! I can't believe this is the sound of erhu. So, I made up my mind that I must r that, I decided on the study plan and increased the intensity of the exercise, starting with the most basic sitting posture and fingering. I am not afraid of the blisters in my fingers Carton Of Cigarettes. Really hard work pays off! Soon, I learned to pull the empty string and fingering exercises. After this holiday effort, I slowly learned to pull simple songs, such as "Garden Spring" and "Mountain Spring", listening to the beautiful songs, I feel very happy. Because this is exchanged for hard work and sweat, there is no gain. I also want to be a classical instrument Carton Of Marlboro Reds, and it sounds unique and sounds. I like erhu and prefer the sound of s winter vacation, I not only learned to pull the erhu, but also learned how to overcome difficulties and overcome myself. I believe that as long as there is determination, patience, perseverance, all difficulties will disappear Marlboro Cigarettes.
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