he ancients said: "The beginning

he ancients said: "The beginning of man Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, the nature is good..." The essence of man is originally the same, but to really learn to be a person, you need someone to be your guide. There are thousands of people and things that teach me to learn to be human beings. However, what makes me most trust and depend on is books.he book is the ladder of human progress, the ocean of knowledge, and the crystallization of wisdom. Bacon once said: "Reading history makes people wise Marlboro Menthol 100S, reading poetry makes people smart, mathematics makes people fine, museums make people deep, ethics make people solemn, logic and rhetoric make people distinguish." Indeed, I also feel the same.ce, I read such an article, "Good Child," which wrote that Lenin took the initiative to write a letter to the aunt after breaking the vase Marlboro Red. When I realized that Lenin was an honest child, I felt that we should be a man. Honest and courageous to admit the wrong person.nce again, I learned a classical Chinese saying, "Two Children's Discrimination of the Sun". The article raised a question to Confucius through two children to make Confucius difficult to explain that learning is endless Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Those who are learning will also know what to do. Let me experience it. It is unsatisfiable to teach me to learn by the true meaning of "School has a road to work, and there is no end to learning the sea."her time, when I read the text, I saw such an article "Unforgettable Lesson". Through the author's own eyes on the lessons learned by Taiwan compatriots learning Chinese, they expressed their patriotism and made me understand: A patriotic person must learn the language of the motherland, love the culture of the motherland, and build his own country in the future.ook makes me sensible and teaches me to be a man. It teaches me to be a person who cherishes time like Lu Xun; it teaches me to be as helpful as a little boy in "She is my friend"; it teaches me to be as hardworking as a bee; it teaches me to be like " The dripping water in the stone is as persevering and persevering; it teaches me Newport 100S... The book is my close friend, my mentor, and I know how to distinguish between right and wrong in life.
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