The scabbard protects the sharpness

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After playing for a long time, I saw that the sun father had only half a smile, and we just reluctantly left. Although it has been many days, but now in retrospect, the joyful laughter still echoes in my ears; the beautiful picture still comes to my eyes! It seems "Grateful heart, thank you." Whenever I heard this song, I remembered the hard work of raising my parents, and thanked them silently.m grateful to my parents, because they have been tempted by the wind and rain, and have been raising me for 10 years and care for me, so I sincerely thank them. parents�� love for me is one after another, and I can��t finish it. Let me give you an example: ��One night, many people are sleeping in a dream. I suddenly have a bad throat, and my breathing is not smooth. The purple hair of the cockroach, the voice of the voice can not be heard, especially uncomfortable, the mother hugged me in a hurry, while telling my father to find the sugar and boiling water Online Cigarettes, put it together for me to drink, I heard that the sugar water can throat, but after drinking Didn't play any role," Dad said anxiously, go to the hospital quickly. The doctor diagnosed that the tonsils were inflamed and caused poor breathing Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, which was caused by a cold. At this point I was embarrassed to bow my head, my mother saw my mind, caressing my head and motioning me not to talk. Under the care of the nurses and my parents, my condition eased Marlboro Gold, and I fell asleep safely, but my father and mother still insisted on the spirit until I no longer had a fever and mental sorrow to let go of the hanging heart Marlboro Cigarettes. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock, wow! At four o'clock in the morning, my eyes were wet and my tears were falling. I shyly said, "Mom, I am so angry that you are taking care of me when I am sick?"m and Dad not only care about my life, but also pay more attention to my study. They often remind me to practice words well, do a good job, don��t shrink when you encounter problems, and often teach me to be diligent; sometimes I criticize me because of my sloppyness Marlboro Lights. There was too much homework, my mother actually tore my homework, and I and her angered, but afterwards she encouraged me and comforted me. I thank you for telling me that you must be honest, trustworthy, and win others. Trust; thank you for sheltering me from the wind.y parents have countless love and care for me. As our children, we must learn to be grateful to our parents and we are ti
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