Stay Tuned At Mmocs For Best Bless Online Gold

Cheap Bless Online Gold Some players like a village populated by indomitable Gauls do not stop resisting the trend. Are they really all blinded ignorant and misguided or are there any players for whom Bless might be worth a look? The Arch Chancellor has traveled the two kingdoms and once asked why Bless has become a home for a few despite all adversity.

One thing soon becomes clear to me Bless Online has a brute identity crisis and that has several reasons. But most of all you have to look critically at the marketing of the game to understand the cause of the crisis. Even up to date the official side is still promoting a "continuing struggle" between Hieron and Union and epic Realm vs Realm Wars.

For ambitious PvP players Bless currently offers little incentive. There are Battlegrounds but you can only enter them at certain times and the queues are inscrutable. Both are basic mistakes when you want to market PvP as the foundations of your game.Bless Online Gold For Sale Have you ever read "Asterix at the British"? The moment when the British stop the battle because it's time for hot water with milk? Relatively perplexed the Romans ask if they can go on with the battle and promptly the answer comes: "Sorry it's the weekend." And that's how it feels for PvP players in Bless currently.

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