Sixth grade Luozhuang Eleme

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Sixth grade Luozhuang Elementary School, Quzhou Town, Quzhou County, Hebei Province favorite teacher is now a math teacher. She is named Luo and we all call her teacher Luo. Professor Luo is affable and often smiling. She is in her 40s this year. She has white hair on her horns, but she looks like she is in her 30s. She is an old teacher. People all say that the old teachers have experience. This is a really good story. She taught me the first day and she left a deep impression on me.en she first gave us lectures, her classmates were somewhat uncomfortable. There was a naughty bag called Li Shuo in the class. He was short and short, and although he was very clever, he always loved doing tricks in class Marlboro Red 100S. Luo said on the stage that he was playing underneath and was seen by Prof. Luo. I thought that Li Shuo would criticize him. Who knows, Prof. Luo asked him a question. Li Shuo did not listen, of course, could not answer. I thought the teacher was going to punish him Marlboro Menthol 100S. I didn't expect the teacher to say something unexpected to the whole class: "I'm sorry, Li Shuo. It's the teacher's voice is too small. You may not have heard clearly." After this sentence was finished, Li Shuo immediately The face was flushed with red Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. It was the first time that Lishuo had heard the teacher speak so politely to him Newport Cigarettes Price. For the first time, we heard Li Shuo speak to the teacher: "I'm sorry teacher, I didn't listen carefully. It's not that your voice is small. The teacher nodded with a smile: "Well, since you apologized to me, it means that you will not make such a mistake again Parliament Cigarettes." Since then, Li Shuo has really taken
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