Los Angeles County Arrest Log

There are different ways and offices where you can go to in search for the Los Angeles Arrest Records. So first, you must know what kind of information you want to retrieve so you would know what to prepare and where to reach out to for your needs. For instance if you have been arrested by the Los Angeles Police District and you wanted to retrieve your record the first thing you do is write a request addressed to the Records and Identification Division. Allowed requestors are only those provided in the Government Code, Section 6254.


The other details you need to know include paying your request through money order or check which amounts to $24.00. You will get a refund if the office was not able to provide you the information you wanted. And then you fill out the refund form and submit it to the City Clerk?s office. Here?s what you need to supply when requesting particular information. The names and addresses of the victims, insurance policy number, type of report for example robbery, assault, the date and location of the incident, the report number, and your proof of relationship of the victim.

As per the provision under the California Arrest Record Los Angeles public Records Act, all the law enforcement agencies must supply information to anybody who makes a formal request. However, the requesting party must be a registered or a legitimate citizen in the county in order to proceed with the request. Otherwise, he or she will not avail such privilege. There are two ways to do the request including mail request or doing the request in person.

You must come in person with the accepted valuable identifications which include a passport, driver?s license and any government-issued ID which has your picture in it. A company identification card would also do. Requesting by mail can simply be done by writing the Records and Identification Bureau. You can actually contact them via phone if you wanted to check how much the fee is for ordering such information. The Bureau would require you to divulge the following information when running a check including your full name, date of birth, address the report should be mailed, your signature, and the current valid notarized identification.

Anybody can inquire in regards to the availability of the Los Angeles Criminal Records for as long as you go through the legal process by simply contacting the office concerned and ask as to whether or not you have the right to gain access of such public records. You need to establish your relationship with the person whose records you are interested of acquiring. More so, you have to respect the decision of the police station for instance if they would not allow you to pull-out the arrest information of someone. It could happen though for instance when the said record is being used for an on-going investigation then the police authorities have the prerogative to hold it by not allowing anybody to obtain it. image You can search the web too if you wanted to just do it at home. Just look for a trustworthy source.
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