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After two decades carving out total dominance for the Premier League, Richard Scudamore was able to Howie Long Jersey announce his surprise resignation at a high point of his own choosing – a happy position not enjoyed by some who challenged that supremacy over the years. The arc of his stellar career serving the 20 clubs which form the Premier League in any given season is pockmarked with the early departures of other talented chief executives, particularly at the Football Association, whose authority he was repeatedly determined to resist.
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As a chief executive entrusted by the top clubs with great authority, his record is a reflection of the Premier League’s development itself: its glittering achievements and for many, glaring frustrations. The official farewell thanks to Scudamore from his friend Bruce Buck, Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea chairman, and chairman of the league’s remuneration committee which fixed Scudamore’s salary package at £2.56m last year, noted his most obvious achievement: the Premier League’s “outstanding growth”.

Scudamore’s era has been a twinning of football with money – and with Sky pay TV, which he singled out for thanks himself. He is personally associated with delivering billions for clubs to spend on players and coaches who would generate yet greater audiences and revenue. However unnecessarily territorial he has appeared to people who feel football should be run in a more cooperative way, and the observation Nelson Cruz Jersey that he has been in the right place at a time of media industry transformation, insiders say his competence cannot be questioned. For the employees whom he supports, he is clearly an encouraging boss and he was gracious in thanking the staff, mentioning their “sense of fun” as well as professionalism.

His leaving was the third Premier League announcement of the day, following two he will have seen as victories. The final two UK TV packages for 2019-21, with £4.464bn already banked, were sold to BT Sport and Amazon Prime, football’s breakthrough first internet streaming platform.

There was also the agreement for the so-called “big six” clubs to have more of the international rights money and no longer share it equally, as they have since the Premier League’s original breakaway formation in 1992. Scudamore was satisfied to achieve a consensus as the top clubs, all owned by mega-wealthy overseas investors, have pushed relentlessly for more. But he may also have seen these two developments heralding a changing landscape, coming battles by the big clubs for more money, which may have played into his decision to bow out now, still at the top. The timing just before another World Cup puts the focus on one of the frustrating areas of Scudamore’s and the Premier League’s supremacy. Improving the England team was the stated justification for the First Division breakaway to form the Premier League in 1992, although the clubs’ main motivation was not to share the coming TV bonanza with the Football League’s other three divisions.

England’s international performances have not improved since in any way commensurately with the league’s triumph, and the multiplication of overseas players, coaches and investor-owners must be a factor. Scudamore has resisted engaging with that debate as much as he has been able to, and concentrated instead on trying to improve clubs’ youth development. It has been a great pity that this period has seen turf wars with the FA and a diminution in its role as a proper governing body – including of the Premier League – when overall stewardship has been seriously needed.

Scudamore has also defended the Premier League skilfully from occasional government sniffs at regulation for excessive ticket prices, profiteering and other sources of supporter dissatisfaction. Partly he has done so by pointing to the money, now £100m a season – 3.6% of TV revenues – going to grass roots facilities and community projects, which he has maintained and supported. He has also delivered £100m in “solidarity” with the EFL and National League, barely fording the gap, but hungrily accepted by Laquon Treadwell Jersey their clubs.

Some football people have felt comfortable with Scudamore despite the perception of him as an aggressive fighter for the Premier League, appreciating his roots as an English football fan. Some pictured a possible alternative, say an obsessively commercial US-style chief executive, who might think ending promotion and relegation makes sense, and came to the conclusion about Scudamore: better the devil you know. cheap nfl jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys from china cheap nfl jerseys cheap jerseys from china wholesale nfl jerseys from china
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