We’ve Got It: PoE 3.1 Patch Notes Overview

Greetings Exiles! Doc. Moo bringing you all of the juiciest content from the path of exile items 3.1 Patch Notes for “War for the Atlas!”

I have not included ever change but rather dissected what I believe to be the most important and relevant information from the wall of text that Grinding Gear Games have posted. In case you would like to head over and read absolutely everything yourself here is a direct link.
POE 3.1 Challenge League: “The Abyss”

As with every league you have 2 levels of difficulty with Solo Self Found versions of both being Standard (Soft Core) and Hardcore.

Unique to “The Abyss” are the harrowing cracks that appear in the ground throughout Wraeclast. They function in a similar manner to “Breaches” from a previous league. Getting to close to these cracks will cause them to open up releasing monsters. Following the crack can lead to a larger chasm and managing to kill the monsters in time will cause a chest possibly containing the league specific “Abyss Jewels.”

Occasionally these cracks and chasms will expand into the Abyssal Depths, which contain stronger monsters and more valuable rewards ending with a Boss fight. As you progress further into the game completely one of these areas may result in a “Lich Boss” appearing. It is unclear exactly how rare these encounters are, but the Lich’s are the only way to have certain league specific Uniques drop.

Abyss Jewels are jewels that are able to roll affixes previously unobtainable on normal jewels. They socket into your POE passive skill tree all the same though.Click Here
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