A Discussion of PoE Microtransactions

For years now, many gamers have been decrying the steadily increasing presence of microtransactions in video games. I can still remember the original introduction of downloadable content (DLC). I can also still recall my very mixed feelings about being asked to pay above and beyond the purchase price of a game in order to experience all of its content. On the one hand, it really is nice when developers continue to improve and expand their game, so most of us are willing to pay to support those improvements. Other times, though, it feels like incomplete games are sold at full price with the rest of the gameplay held ransom for even more money.

In 2017, this latter species of microtransaction became the center of a major controversy thanks to the loot box fiasco in EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II. But what about the former type of microtransaction? Are there still games that actually feel like a finished project when you first download them, and for which the DLC adds to the base game, rather than finishing it after the fact? Yes, there are! One such game is Path of Exile, which offers purely cosmetic and convenience-based PoE Microtransactions that don’t break the actual gameplay experience.

To a certain extent, PoE needs microtransactions to exist. Because it is a free-to-play game, PoE’s developers do not have a steady stream of subscription income to rely on for producing content and implementing patches. Instead, microtransactions keep the lights on at Grinding Gear Games, while players enjoy one free content expansion after another.

And yet, path of exile items has not succumbed to the vices of other free-to-play games. Some other titles, known derisively among gamers as “pay-to-win” games, allow players to purchase game-changing (and sometimes game-breaking) content that can elevate them above other players irrespective of skill or time invested. I won’t call out any games specifically, but some general examples of pay-to-win microtransactions are the purchase of bonus experience, allowing players to buy some of the game’s most powerful weapons with real-world currency, and putting the most powerful characters and classes behind a paywall.www.buypoecurrency.com/
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