Free Nevada Marriage Records


Many would know the state of Nevada as the fast paced image state where just about anybody can be wed anytime they want. This is especially true in the city of Las Vegas. Easy marriages done at this state still generates legal Nevada Marriage records with which it is made open to the public.

A marriage record issued in the state of Nevada contains information about the marriage of a couple. One would know their names of the couple along with the place and the date when they got married. The marriage may not be possible without the presence of the witnesses, thus their names are also included on the marriage license that is issued in the state of Nevada.

In Nevada, marriage records are commonly requested when an individual has to process some government transactions. Without presenting the marriage license, one may have difficulty in processing some of the government request especially if one needs to have evidence that they are really married. Conducting a research on the family history is also another use of a marriage record in Nevada. The information that can be found in the document is one of the vital information Nevada Marriage License Records needed in updating the family tree. One would be able to know who their relatives are and their ancestors through their family record.

Certified copies of a marriage license may not be obtained from the State Health Department in Nevada especially if the record was registered since 1968. To get a certified copy of records registered since 1911 up to 1968, one has to check with the office of the county clerk on the county where the couple got married. Also, records prior to 1911 are not indexed at the state office it can only be requested at the county offices. One has to pay a $10 processing fee if the request was made at the state office. County charges may differ.

One can get a copy of the marriage record by going to the office and requesting it in person. Another way is to send the request via mail order. All the necessary requirements and information has to be indicated completely to avoid delay and hassle. One should indicate the names of the couple along with when and where the marriage was registered. On the mail order, the payment should also be enclosed in the form of a check or a mail order.

With the development of the Internet, it is now being used as a medium to deliver information to the people. This is also now a way to obtain a copy of a marriage license in Nevada. Several Marriage Licenses Public Records websites are now offering to do the search for a certain fee. With this, one can save time and energy in doing the search since the record can be obtained in just a few seconds even without leaving home.
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