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Tuolumne County, pronounced as "To All o' Me", officially the County of Tuolumne, is a county in the U.S. state of image California. It has a land area of 2,236 sq. miles, and as of the 2010 census, the population was 55,365 at that time. The county seat and only incorporated city is Sonora. Public Tuolumne County Arrest Records Records in this county such as Tuolumne County Arrest Records, court records, and other civil records may be found in the county?s local law enforcement agencies, such as the Superior Court and Sheriff?s Office.

In the years 2001 through 2008, Tuolumne County had a low crime rate when compared to other similar counties in California. Only 671 of the over 8,000 crimes committed during that period were violent in nature. However, because the crime rates were very low during the first years of that period, the increase in crime rate during the later years will appear quite dramatic. During the eight years, crimes increased by almost 70% overall with violent crimes increasing by an additional 10% by the year 2008.

Tuolumne County Arrest Records as well as other California Arrest Records are readily available and accessible by the public. The Tuolumne County Sheriff?s Office?s Records division Arrest Records receives, maintains, records, and retrieves all official records and documents initiated by the Sheriff. The Records Section is the central processing unit for criminal records, and is responsible for releasing information and copies of criminal and custody records to other law enforcement agencies and the public.

The Records Section also manages the Sex Offender files, drug registrant files, and provides personal service at the front counter. A fee is charged per copy of a report, and a form must be filled out. Although, arrest reports are public information, some are exempt from release to the public. Reports under investigation however may not be available, as these are forwarded to the District Attorney?s Office or Probation. Suspects are not allowed to obtain criminal reports. Also, the Records Section does not provide information regarding juvenile offenders, or specific information regarding calls for service that are sensitive in nature.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff?s Office also maintains a database of crimes reported in the county. The website (Crime Graphics) shows the location where the crimes or other events occurred and shows the type of crime that is most prevalent in specific neighborhoods. Residents or other interested parties may simply check for incidents such as fire, theft, safety violations, arrests, crime and other such alerts and events. This website was put up as a public service to the county by the Sheriff?s Office. It gives searchers an overall view of the activity within the county, but for more accurate and detailed information, searchers must visit the Sheriff?s Office itself.

The technology today allows for faster and more efficient searching of public records. The Sheriff?s Office has an official website that contains just about everything an interested person needs to know when obtaining reports and other records. If a copy is not needed, other free public databases contain Tuolumne County Arrest Logs and other public information as well, at no cost.
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