Have a diverse squad, but possess stamina

FIFA Coins sounds easy, and with your 4-3-3 holding creation is great, but may not be how you would like to play against a poor cup team two leagues lower than you.

Gone are the days of needing to alter your whole starting 11 before a match since you're playing a team you know you'll thrash. You can set up multiple team sheets to reflect your managerial style: be it an all-out attacking team made to ruin the lower leagues, or even a defensive 4-5-1 to carry out for a draw out to Barcelona. Be prepared, ruin, dominate. That's the FIFA manner!

It may appear counter-intuitive, but it is not always ideal to have a team full of superstars. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang may appear like a must-buy with his 96 pace, but what is his endurance? Speaking of that, stamina is a significant aspect of both real-world soccer and FIFA 18. Nowadays teams need to play an unbelievable number of matches and that means you need players who can deal with fixture congestion.

The players with high stamina are frequently the ones you'd expect, with Ronaldo high up on the list using 92 endurance. You may be unable to sign up, no matter who you are playing, but if you are managing Real Madrid, or another high-profile team, maybe you can grab N'Golo Kanté together with his 94 stamina. Ensure that you have players for many scenarios and that you aren't going to end up with a team full of knackered players since you're into the final stages of all competitions.

Listen to your players and keep them happy

Is not FIFA Mobile Coins annoying once you get an email from Billy Noname requesting to play at the upcoming league game? However, what if he has the potential to find yourself very highly rated?

Ensure you keep your eye on the deal situation for your best players, also. You don't want a striker that is banging a goal or two every match running down their contract. If they're nearing the end, get them or market them but do not get caught in two minds. If it appears like they are not going to sign a new deal, do not waste time, eliminate and use the money on a new superstar.

Teach your players manually

Anyhow, spend a while actually playing the coaching mode with your players. It's tempting to simply set them up and let them happen, but getting stuck into and controlling the players means that you can shape them improve them yourself.

Nevertheless, a few of the drills aren't very exciting. Together with the Bronze and Silver kinds, you can automate the sessions, but we recommend spending time together with the Gold ones making sure that the best session is needed and thus the biggest improvements are made. Score having a weak foot often, as an instance, and try to add that to the player's arsenal.

Study your opposition

Hidden away in this, you can study the teams you are going to be facing in most competitions. From the amount of appearances in the competition, to their goals/assists, yellow and red cards down to their typical rating so far. As you get further into competitions and play on harder difficulties, you will have to know what your opposition is similar to, so you can plan and react accordingly.

Sure, Messi and Ronaldo are obviously likely to be doing nicely, but against Sevilla, possibly Luis Muriel is a threat. Once you've seen he's scoring, dive right into his Player Bio and you can find out he has great agility and acceleration, so maybe play a faster centre-back against him. Plan your matches.
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