Glad to know a funny sex doll buyer from USA

--Can you please send me some uncensored pictures of this product ?
Showing all of the products anatomy details please as well.
Does the doll actually have a 96 bust ? sometimes I see the same pictures advertising a 92 - 91.5cm bust so this is why I ask.
Also, could the product have a sleeping (eyes closed) face instead of the eyes open design?
Thank you for the information.

When i get he message , i sent many type 158cm doll picture to him and some detail about doll, then i get him reply soon.

--Hi friend,
Thank you very much for the pictures and the quick reply to my message.
So can you sell a doll with the big breast body and the sleeping face head ?
And how much would a second head cost to have both eyes open and sleeping head types?
How long have you been in the doll business ?
And if I begin to sell dolls here in the USA you can provide me dolls in future ?
Do these dolls wholesale discount at times for possible sellers here ? I like the product , just trying to understand my costs for business better.
Thank you again for all the photos and the quick reply.
I look forward to a purchase from you soon as I am able.
Have a great day!

Because we are agent of different factory, so we are sell many different doll, and we are talk more about our life and some other. After image long time, he contact with me and other 158cm doll as he need. Because i have a discount for this doll.

I was looking at your products again last night and saw this product was on sale for 1498$
But now today it is $$1549$
I wanted to purchase the doll but wanted to contact you first to make sure credit for the sale went to you ...

Any chance I can still buy the doll for the price of 1498$
Thank you for your consideration in this matter...

That is not doubt i had give best price to him. And confirm some detail, skin and eye color, fix or removable vagina, wig and feet.
The order has been placed
I left a note on the order to make sure it is marked as "will pick-up at FedEx location" instead of delivery to my home, I am working a lot these days and do not want such a large package left at my door or received by someone else at my house, they might not understand the new business idea...
Please inspect the doll sex doll before shipping, I received a torso type doll a few years ago when I first had the idea for the site and it had a few bubbles in the skin... Grrrrrr lol
Thank you for being such a pleasant person to do business with, I hope one day we can meet in person and share some food and laughs... I am struggling to learn Mandarin, I can only say a few things yet, but will get it I am sure.
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