ost Athletic Scholarships Aren't Actually a Full Scholarship

Did you know there are around 138 [url=http://www.authenticcincinnatibengals.com/cheap-jessie-bates-iii-jersey]Cheap Jessie Bates III Jersey[/url] ,000 athletic scholarships that areoffered at the Division I and Division II level in the United States?It is a popular misconception that only the best athletes end upgetting a sports scholarship to attend[img]http://www.sndpic.com//nike_nfl_jerseys/nike_houston_texans/nike_texans_745.jpg[/img] school and become astudent-athlete. The reality is that if you are a good athlete, you aregood at your sport, and you've got reasonably good academics, you havea strong chance at earning the sports scholarship you may want or needfor college. What do you need to know about getting one for yourself?

Most Athletic Scholarships Aren't Actually a Full Scholarship

Thereare only four sports that offer full academic scholarships to theirathletes: football, men's basketball [url=http://www.authenticcincinnatibengals.com/cheap-logan-woodside-jersey]Cheap Logan Woodside Jersey[/url] , women's basketball, and women'svolleyball. Outside of these four sports, the average scholarship isless than $9,000 per year. With the rising prices of college tuition,this means that there will likely be leftover costs that will need tobe paid at your chosen institution.

Athletics Are a Great Springboard To Jobs in Sports

Despitethe fact that most scholarships don't fully cover tuition [url=http://www.authenticcincinnatibengals.com/cheap-mark-walton-jersey]Cheap Mark Walton Jersey[/url] , athleticscholarships are a great way to get a foot in the door if you'reinterested in having a job in sports. Athletic careers often requiresome sort of athletic experience, so even if you can't get a fullscholarship, the experience of major college athletics can be a resumebuilding item later on in life. Whether that is administrative work orcoaching, for some student-athletes, though the sport is fun [url=http://www.authenticcincinnatibengals.com/cheap-malik-jefferson-jersey]Cheap Malik Jefferson Jersey[/url] , theemphasis in on a career in sports later on in life.

Don't Wait To Be Discovered!

Inorder to get the sports scholarship you want, you need to be discoveredby college coaches. Many student-athletes wait until they arediscovered and they end up waiting for nothing. A better method is tobe proactive about the recruitment process:

Contact the coaching staff at each college you're interested in attending.

Utilize agencies, such as United Sports USA, to evaluate where you could make improvements.

Use social media and video websites to promote videos of your athletic abilities.

Be willing to accept scholarships from lower tiered schools.

Ifyou are willing to attend a Division III school or even a privateinstitution, many of these colleges will offer merit awards foracademics in addition to their sports scholarships. This can often makeit cost less overall to go to a private institution than if you attenda higher tiered college on just a sports scholarship.

Are You Looking To Get a Sports Scholarship?

Whetheryou are looking to play volleyball on a scholarship or you want yourchoice of football jobs when you graduate [url=http://www.authenticcincinnatibengals.com/cheap-sam-hubbard-jersey]Cheap Sam Hubbard Jersey[/url] , it can all begin when you'reawarded a sports scholarship. Be professionally evaluated so that youcan shore up any deficiencies. Study hard to have good grades. Attendpractice every day. Be proactive. When you work hard, you have a muchbetter chance at achieving your goals, and that's how a coach mightjust be convinced to award you with the sports scholarship you want!

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