Sensitive skin: a diagnosis or a feature?

Some people with the onset of summer begin to bother irritations on the skin. Redness, a rash, inflamed surface or vice versa - peeling and burning of the skin is not necessarily a symptom of an allergy or any skin disease. Just you have sensitive skin, which, with the slightest change in air temperature, decorative cosmetics or skin care products, sunlight, etc.( so reacts. With such problems in most cases, faced with light-skinned people who have a dry type of skin.
Why do some people have too sensitive skin?

Owners of sensitive skin when exposed to wind or sun, heat, humidity, etc. notice literally in 5-10 minutes a burning and irritation, a pricking, an itch, puffiness or reddening. Most often this reaction of the sensitive skin to any stimulus is manifested on the face, in the neck, décolleté, buttocks. Sensitive skin can be both from birth, and under the influence of specific factors.

For example, hormonal imbalance, frequent stress, fatigue, a tendency to allergic reactions can cause increased sensitivity of the skin. Also, excessive irritation of the skin is caused by improper care for it, as well as the extreme infatuation with various cleansings - peelings, mechanical and thermal procedures, etc. Unreasonable and inappropriate nutrition can also cause excessive skin sensitivity.

How to reduce the excessive sensitivity of the skin

If the cause of extreme skin sensitivity is caused by hormonal changes or chronic diseases, then only a specialist will help to correct the situation. Here you will need a comprehensive examination from a therapist, an endocrinologist, a gynecologist. To support the skin react less to various stimuli you can: for this, pay attention to your diet. Alcohol, coffee, strong tea, "soda," chocolate increase nervous excitability, which in turn leads to various reactions on the skin.

Especially negatively affects any skin - and even more so on sensitive, smoking. It is important to avoid quarrels, overwork or to get rid of stress in time, without accumulating negative emotions. A sharp temperature drop also adversely affects the sensitive skin, so try to avoid prolonged exposure to sun and use sunscreen.
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