Does There Any Emotion Between People And Sex Dolls

Sex dolls - often beyond the function of a doll, are used to accompany lonely men. They are used not only physically but also mentally and emotionally to entice humans.
New York visual artist June Korea explores loneliness and other emotions through a series of photographs of female sex dolls. Since 2001, sex dolls have been photographed in June, which was caused by his own loneliness.
"If you are human, you can't live forever, but dolls can live forever." So I thought about giving sex dolls life and identity," the artist explained.
Over the years, photographs of sex dolls, sex dolls and ball dolls have been taken in June. But he is eager to explore topics such as loneliness and interpersonal relationships, which has inspired people to find "the best way to imitate human dolls," he said. He did some research on different models and eventually ordered a lifelike sex doll from Japan. He also elaborated his photography on the Internet.
In this article, Joan eats a meal with the lifelike sex doll, goes shopping and walks. Throughout the series, the doll looks lonely, fragile, melancholic or even disappointed.
These pictures are like a mirror and reflect who I am.

June concluded: "I hope this story can describe this process, as well as the possibility of alienation, loneliness and other emotions." "The end result will be death, break-up or happy ending?"
In any case, with the popularity of a new generation of sex robots, there is no doubt that we will have to re-examine our views on love, intimacy and marriage.
So far, two adults have been allowed to marry, but does the concept eventually expand to include the relationship between humans and robots?
Even if sex dolls may never return our love, humans will deepen their feelings over time. Take the Japanese otaku as an example, people fell in love with fictional characters, or the BBC documentaries "Man" and "Doll".
Some of the men in the documentary have lived with their “wife” for eight years! The depth of their feelings seems limitless.
Even if these men seem to express their desire to establish a love relationship with their adult sex doll, we cannot deny that they got what they wanted. As long as they can stop doubting, they always have what they want.
As long as there is such a possibility, there is no doubt that thousands of men and women will eventually fall in love with their adult sex dolls. As Laurence Devilliers explains, "We are interested in things because we did something for us."
If so, will our future life be like adult sex doll partners must figure out what we missed and fill the void?
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