Men Obviously Prefer To Have Sex With Sex Dolls, Not A Real Woman

Surprisingly, sex dolls have just become a cocoon, and they are very popular with most men. According to this trend, you will soon lose your job.
In Vienna, Austria, a bread, where a working sex worker was hit hard, they decided to invest in buying a second "sex doll" because their customers became one of the company's most popular dolls in the first sex. . Sex dolls called "Fanny" defeated human women working in the Austrian capital's brothel. Obviously, men prefer sex with bread dolls instead of real women.
With the success of the Austrian shop, it opened the first bread in Germany only lifelike sex doll.
Bordoll is located in a quiet corner of Dortmund, Germany, between a semi-detached house and a metal workshop. The humble red brick shop did not draw much attention - there were small and black curtains on the doors covering the windows. But after that, you will find the latest sexual innovation in Germany - the country's number one A sex doll bread.
Bordoll now has 11 "love dolls." These dolls are imported from Asia at a price of 2000 euros (1,786 pounds) per unit. Each sex doll has its own name. It is beautiful and unique. Sex dolls are "very high quality."
They all have different heights, hair color and breast size. Erotic dolls even look like a blue-haired Japanese anime character.
Successful adult sex dolls book about 12 times a day, costing 80 euros (£71) per hour. For many people, this is not superstition but curiosity.
The bakery owner said that men from all ages and occupations from all over Germany gathered in her brothel. 30% of guests only want to experience sexual relationships with adult sex doll, while 70% of guests are regular customers. Surprisingly, many of the brothel's tourists' wives responded to their desire to be "tolerant," and their husbands had sexual relations with an adult sex doll and often saw "waiting" outside. They see it as a toy.
Austrian psychologists explain why some men prefer to sleep with adult sex dolls, not the real woman, Jedi Senger.
First of all, you can do anything with adult sex dolls. Second, each intention to close, this may be a factor, hey.
Earlier this year, the adult sex doll "Fanny" reported that a top-selling superstar in the Austrian capital, Kontakthof, and more consumers than the real embarrassment.
Adult sex dolls play a huge role here. According to "Love and Sex with Adult Sex Dolls" (David Levy), adult sex dolls can bring some positive benefits, such as helping single people who can't build a lonely relationship. Therefore, it can be used to solve the problem of family prostitution and solve the thorny problems for the national government.
Sex Doll Bread Lumidolls is currently negotiating at a new location throughout the United States and Europe. Sex toy brothels all over the world are just a matter of time.
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