How to care for the lips in spring: advice of cosmetologists

Pale, dry and cracked lips after winter - a common problem. Sharp temperature changes, deficiency of vitamins and trace elements, suffered colds and viral infections were reflected in the condition of the lips. And now the spring long-awaited sun is getting brighter and can also affect the condition of the lips in the best way. Therefore, it's time to take the advice of beauticians, so that your lips look beautiful, plump and pink.

Before proceeding with the emollient, nourishing and moisturizing lip masks, pay attention to general health indicators, nutrition, rest and bad habits. If the body has an inflammatory process, then the lips will permanently dry. Also, with a deficiency of vitamins ( and anemia, people are concerned about cracks in the lips and the corners of the mouth, excessive dryness of the mucous membrane of the lips. Therefore, it will not hurt to visit your family doctor or therapist and give a general blood test, perhaps those nutrients that come with food are not enough.
If the health is right, then improve the color and condition of the lips will help the mask, which is easy to do yourself. Soften and moisturize your lips with a decoction of chamomile: cook the broth according to the recipe indicated on the package, cool and apply a moistened cotton sponge to your lips for 5 minutes. Nourishing mask for lips can be prepared from 1 teaspoon of grated apples with butter. The mixture is applied for 15 minutes, then washed off with warm water, the remainder of the mask is removed with tonic or micellar water without alcohol.

Carrot juice and cottage cheese will make your lips brighter: take one teaspoon of the mixture in equal amounts, apply to the lips and rinse after 5-1 minutes. If there are no cracks on the lips, then you can use lemon juice and pomegranate. And as a scrub for the lips - honey. Also, do not forget to apply a nutritious cosmetic oil on the lips after each procedure (but not etheric): coconut oil, sesame oil, etc. Do not go out without covering your lips with protective balm or hygienic lipstick, if you do not use cosmetics
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