Star Wars MMORPG: Is it time for a new release?

We're way overdue for any new Star Wars MMORPG (role-playing games), so isn't it time for a new release?

An MMORPG can be a sandbox player's dream. It allows us to venture into a total world and reside fantasies that would only be feasible a extended time ago inside a galaxy far, far away. In 2004, the rise of on the list of greatest MMOs inside the Star Wars universe with Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided (SWG), which ended in 2011 to facilitate the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).

Now, practically eight years in to the future, we're beginning to wonder if it can be time to launch a new Star Wars MMORPG? If this happens, we would like to see a number of the factors brought by the old games, and a few items we think should really stay relics of an older, non-canonical era.

The New Game Enhancement Tragedy of Star Wars Galaxies

A long time ago, within a galaxy organized by Sony On the internet Entertainment, there was a Royal Guard from Alderaan. His codename within the Imperium was Servantes, and he was loyal to his Emperor. He has normally suspected the planet's royal household of harboring Rebels and worked tirelessly to expose the corruption of long-time Senator Organa along with the royal household.

Servantes spent many years wanting to persuade his wife and daughter to move to yet another globe within the Core, but they wouldn't have it. They loved their property, plus the royal loved ones had only ever been good to them. When the traitor's chickens finally returned home to roost, Servantes' loved ones died along with the corrupt Senator and his household.

On the other hand, the rebellious daughters of Organa became a hero on the Rebellion, in spite of getting the cause the Death Star eradicated their homeworld. This was a slight Servantes who had been undercover offworld at Bestine during the occasion, and he would neither neglect nor forgive.

This really is the background story I wrote for my SWG Imperial commando character, who started his life on Bestine and was known for his exceptional human kind and thought-provoking background. In a player-sponsored background story writing contest, the host quipped: "I believed I couldn't take one particular more 'Alderaan orphan' background, but this was an awesome twist!" Such is the way of your MMO; it became a second life for those that are prepared to invest time and inventive energy to enrich it.

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