Not much will be asked of Iguodala

This year, the Warriors won't blow a commanding 3-1 lead to the Cavaliers — if "NBA 2K17" is to be believed. The popular video game gives the clear edge to the Warriors in the latest chapter of what has become an NBA Finals trilogy.The series was simulated 25 times to ensure that randomness would only play a marginal role in the results. Of course, there's no way to predict something like a series turning on a crotch shot from NBA 2K MT Draymond Green, but "2K17" does its best to inject the unexpected with the occasional injury having an impact.NBA FINALS PREDICTION: Who wins Cavs vs. Warriors III? "NBA 2K17" gives Golden State a 76 percent chance of winning the NBA Finals. Cleveland was only able to manage six series wins out of the 25 simulations.

As for NBA Finals MVP, it's a toss-up. Kevin Durant won 10 times, and Stephen Curry took home the hardware nine times for the Warriors. LeBron James won MVP in all six series in which the Cavs came out on top.The most typical result was a Golden State 4-1 series win, and they even swept Cleveland three times. The Cavs had to go to six or seven games in all those they managed to win. "NBA 2K17" is backing the Warriors only slightly more than Vegas, where they're getting what translates to a 71 percent chance to walk away with the trophy.Amusingly, Golden State managed to come back from down 3-1 to win the championship in two of the simulations that were run.

NBA Finals: The key player Remember when these two teams met back in 2015, the MVP was not Curry or Thompson. It was Andre Iguodala, and while it's unlikely that he will repeat that feat, he will be under the same level of pressure that he was in that series. He will draw the assignment of holding off James for large chunks of each game, and he is one of the few in the league that has the combination of strength, quickness and smarts to do a credible job on that front.

Offensively, not much will be asked of Iguodala, who averaged 7.6 points in the regular season and 6.5 points in the playoffs. He has been in a slump with his perimeter shot, making just three of his 27 3-point attempts in the postseason, and he needs to be better than that in the Finals to keep him from buy NBA 2K18 MT being a detriment on the offensive end. But defensively, Iguodala will have to be able to handle James for long stretches, something no defender in the East was able to do during the postseason. Paul George and the Pacers yielded 34.3 points on 54.3 percent shooting to James in the opening round, and the Raptors, with a combination of defenders including P.J. Tucker, gave up 36.0 points on 57.3 percent shooting.Iguodala is 33 now, and as he ages, his ability to take on such assignments will diminish.
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