The pink party hat was the most valuable item

Runescape turned into 15 in 2018. To make the most of their 15 anniversary offers, make sure to buy Runescape gold cheap on RSGOLDFAST. Just as you can see, Runescape team has experienced a great number of unforgettable memories in the past 15 years. Definately, every Runescape player also has something still remain fresh in their RS gold memory. So, still remember the pink party hat crisis of Runescape in November 2003? Read more to recall your memories.The Pink Party Hat Crisis of RuneScapeSixFeetUnder, a player who had been experimenting with RuneScape, was trying to trade the scythe with a third-party program called AutoRune.

Accidentally, he discovered how to create any non-stackable item in game. The “technique” then performed by trading with a player, and wildly used to duplicate an item whose only useful property was rarity: specifically pink party hats. At that time, the pink party hat was the most valuable item in game. Within a few days, hundreds of players knew how to execute AutoRune.

The RuneScape economy crashed since too many imaginary pink party hats emerged in game. Following the crisis and continuing today, thepink party hats are the least expensive hats in game.Free Lifetime Membership Calm Down the CrisisJagex soon found out about the problem, but developers had no idea how to deal with this for a few days.

At last, Jagex offered a free lifetime membership to anyone who'd tell them how the bug worked, and they were finally able to fix it. Jagex refused to rollback the game although they understood what the long-term effects of the economy in RuneScape would be. After that the pink party hat has become a symbol of how ludicrous video game finances are.Runescape fixed a great number of big and small bugs in the last 15 years, but the pink party hat crisis definitely is the most famous one. So are you a number of players who benefited from this crisis? If you are a player of Runescape right now, you can visit our site regularly since RSGOLDFAST runescape 07 accounts has cheap RS gold for sale.
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