Richard Lewis Reveals More Professional CS:GO Matches Were Thrown for Skins

Buy KNIFE CSGO Skins - Richard Lewis has made a statement regarding match fixing in professional CS:GO – the journalist and ELEAGUE host believes that many games were thrown but we are unlikely to ever get closure.

Richard Lewis was the investigative reporter that exposed one of the biggest stories. in the history of CS:GO – the iBUYPOWER match fixing.

One of the best teams in North America at the time, iBUYPOWER, were found to have thrown a match intentionally in return for CS:GO skins worth thousands of dollars.

The response from Valve was to ban the players, and anyone else involved, from any Valve sponsored event indefinitely – effectively ending their careers at the top of the scene.
Lewis has often spoken about his feelings towards the iBUYPOWER players and has even expressed a feeling of guilt in regards to the punishment that they received.

He has also steadfastly maintained that numerous other professional teams threw matches for skins, including top level and much loved rosters that would prove a bigger shock than iBUYPOWER.

On January 30th, though, he revealed that he holds little hope of ever proving this as many of the records are no longer accessible.

Richard Lewis had to endure a great deal of community backlash and had little no support from Valve until he could categorically prove that the iBUYPOWER players had thrown a match.

He has often pointed out that the only reason that the players did eventually get caught was due to their own mistakes and telling third parties in confidence.

He worked tirelessly with the owners of CS:GO Lounge to track the bets so that he could show the evidence of the skin transaction to Valve.

Now that ESForce owns all of the CS:GO Lounge’s records, the British journalist believes that ever getting to the bottom of other match fixing scandals will be virtually impossible.

ESForce owns, or is a majority shareholder in, numerous high profile esports organizations like Virtus.Pro and SK Gaming. It also owns 90% of CS:GO Lounge and used to have ownership stakes in Na’Vi.

Lewis is clearly concerned that ESForce would not want to comply with any investigations due to the clear conflict of interests that would arise if, for instance, one of its own teams was under investigation.

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