Leafs suspend prospect goaltender Garret

As a result of comments made online, the Marlies sent the 23-year-old home. Garret Sparks is the latest athlete to find himself in hot water for comments made on social media.The Toronto Maple Leafs prospect has been suspended by the club and sent home following comments he made on Facebook.[Garret Anthony Steen Jersey ] was sent home for some team policy reasons when we were on the road trip there [in New York], Marlies coach Sheldon Keefe saidper TSN. Im familiar with the circumstances, but were not Laremy Tunsil Jersey going to comment any further from there. Management handled the situation.Sparks, who is 3-1-0 with a 2.02 G.A.A. and a .918 save percentage in four AHL games this season, was defending a disabled person in a Facebook goalie group, which he is an administrator of.TSN.cas Kristen Shilton has the details:Members of the forum were mocking a disabled person and Sparks came to that persons defence by asking one of those in the forumwhere he lived and writing, I want to go to Byron Maxwell Jersey open hockey with you, drag you out to center ice and beat you into a [expletive] pulp until you cant run that [expletive] little mouth of yours. God, you sound like a 13-year-old girl.When another member reprimanded Sparks for insulting women, he apologized and continued, Girls dont even whine as much as this guy does.Sparks, Torontos seventh-round selection at the 2011 NHL Draft, made his NHL debut last season going 6-9-1 in 17 games while posting Andre Branch Jersey an .893 save percentage and a 3.02 G.A.A.
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