Soha wholesale halloween costumes Ali Khan's Maternity Wear Guide Is Here

It's OK if you're a bit of a wimp. So are some idiva wholesale halloween costumes editors. Dolly Singh 26 Aug 2017 facebook twitter reddit twitter 875SHARES The new mommy-to-be Soha Ali Khan, has been on a spree of sharing some amazing outfits on her Instagram account. Following in her sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor's footsteps, she is giving us some major maternity style goals. She has attended red carpet events, lush family parties, been on a babymoon, all while flaunting her cute baby bump.

Unlike Halloween Costumes Outlet another maternity wear star, Kim Kardashian, Soha's style looks much more breathable. Kim K might have looked like a million bucks during her pregnancies, those outfits were not really easy to replicate. They were a little too tight and revealing for most to-be mothers. On the other hand, Soha's outfits are far more replicable and her looks, more attainable.

So, in awe of her latest outfits, we decided to break down Soha's maternity style for you!

1. Dresses, dresses and more fdgfhfjhhhgj dresses. It is very important to find your comfort corner and Soha found her's in dresses. No doubt, dresses are much more comfortable than jeans especially during this period. While jeans are definitely not a preferred choice, a comfortable pair of jeggings and yoga pants may not be such a bad idea. Everything comes down to what makes you feel at-ease and relaxed.

2. Make it maxi. Most of Soha's dresses are maxis. Short dresses can restrict a lot of body movements, so, sticking to longer lengths makes the outfit more comfortable and easy going. With ample of options available in the market, maxi dresses can easily be your go-to style statement during the months of your pregnancy.

3. It doesn't have to be boring. Just because it's maternity wear, does not mean it has to be boring. It's 2017 y'all! You can look flawless while flaunting your baby bump. Take inspiration from Soha and make it a good mix of prints and patterns.

4. Add some definition. Generally, pregnant ladies look for clothes that are lose. This makes them look less stylish than they can be. As seen in Soha's pictures, she tries to add a little definition right above her baby bump. Thus, the top half of the dress fits well, while starting from the bump it gets more flowy and easy.

5. Comfortable shoes are a must. Since being comfortable is the main focus during this period, it is of utmost importance to wear shoes that are not a pain. Sneakers, flats and wedges (if you HAVE to go for some extra heel) are Soha's choices! Investing in some comfortable yet chic pieces is an excellent idea, especially during this time.

6. Accessorise it. Soha never forgets to pump up her outfits with some statement accessories that take her outfits from a 9 to a perfect 10. So, may be, skim through her Instagram once more and see what you'd like to add to your collection.
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