10 Sexy Clubwear Outfits You Shouldn't be Caught Dead In

From garish make up to dramatic Sexy Clubwear accessories and absolutely tacky outfits, these women seem to be celebrating Diwali everyday. But, what really shocked us was that they dress up even worse in real life. We saw some really cringe-worthy outfits worn by TV actresses at the 6th Zee TV Gold Awards. Take a look at 10 outfits we wouldn't want to be caught dead in. Mahima Makwana: We’re so blinded by her dazzling (in a bad way) outfit that we don’t even know what to say. Mahima’s outfit is garish and how! And the horrible red nails with that outfit are super tacky. Even the hair and accessories are a disaster. And the creepy smile only makes things worse. Ugh!Check out TV Actresses & Their Ugly Wardrobes

Asha Negi: First Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie rule for selecting a gown is that it should be well-fitted. Secondly, if you’re walking the red carpet, any kind of crease is a big NO! Unfortunately, this one fails miserably in both areas.Don't Miss: Hot TV Actresses & Their Off-Screen Avatars

Mouni Roy: We love lace and we love jumpsuits but a lacy jumpsuit? What the hell is that? And paired with that ugly multi-coloured bag? Ouch.

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Urvashi Dholakia: These 50 shades of gold are hurting our eyes. Golden dress with golden accessories and golden jewellery is a recipe for disaster.

Barkha Bisht: Firstly, this outfit is good only for the beach; secondly the pink ethnic statement necklace looks a bit out-of-place and lastly, the sindoor with that dress on the red carpet just doesn’t make sense.

Deepika Singh: We highly recommend Deepika Singh hire a good stylist asap. What was she thinking while pairing a black satin mermaid dress with a tacky cuff, pearl earrings and a gold box clutch? *facepalm

* Shrishty Rode: Shrishty’s golden short dress fits her well but what’s with the patches? It looks like it’s worn out. The plain black flats and black sling bag makes us cringe.

Kishwar Merchant: We can’t be the only ones who found this outfit too loud and tasteless?

Adaa Khan: We have one word for this outfit – gaudy! The schoolgirl pose is not helping either.

Vaishali Thakkar: Somebody needs to tell Vaishali that wearing a multi-coloured tent outside is really not acceptable.
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